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I don't keep my leos -- currently about 60 of them -- "bioactive" (since they don't need it, and thrive when kept much more simply, and don't inhabit areas with any substantial plant cover), but I do keep dart frogs (who are the opposite in all these regards).

The humidity is mostly a function of the ventilation, not the substrate, contrary to what sellers of overpriced substrate want you to believe. Leos need mostly dry surface area, and a moist-ish hide (better, two -- one warm, ~85-90F, one a bit less warm, ~low-mid70s) to retreat to.

More pressing concerns with the substrate have to do with digging (which some leos do a lot of when given opportunity) and heating (belly heat would be difficult to provide with a thicker, moist substrate), and impaction (leos pounce on food, including worms that escape from bowls; substrates are not digestible, and some -- notably coco fiber -- have a lot of impaction risk).