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Mike Cross
Super Caramel Coastal Carpet Pythons!

Hi guys! I have super caramel Coastal carpet pythons established and ready to go from this season and a yearling or two I'm ready to part with. I have been selectively breeding these for many years now and have really put alot of focus on them specifically in my collection to produce the highest quality offspring. With some time, patience, and of course a bit of luck, the results have been much better than I anticipated originally. I have both males and females established and available now, so if you're interested in acquiring these now would be the time to get in touch. The price ranges from $200-$350 and I'm extremely flexible with payments etc. They're all taking f/t rodents from forceps and overall rather docile, all lineage info will be provided as always....thanks!

If interested and for more info, photos, and details please contact me at MidAtlanticReptile@gmail.com, private message the MAR Facebook page or my personal profile, or you can even shoot me a text at 410-725-9174. If you text, please include your name so I atleast know who it is I'm responding to...and please, serious inquiries only.

Pic 1- Sire
Pic 2- Dam
Pic 3- Yearling(available)
Pic 4- One of the hatchlings(available)
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