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Right now I just have meat mutts, but eventually I want to breed Silver Foxes. I'm fairly new to the breeding side of things. I've had them for a year and still haven't gotten a litter. One doe runs from my buck and doesn't let him catch her and the other tucks her tail.
Yeah, my Rexes do that too, though my New Zealands didn't have any problems breeding. My solution (that has been working for a couple years now) is to run the male and female together all the time in a double sized cage with a nest box always in it. It took a couple months for the first litter, but now they kindle regularly (about 3 litters a year from each pair, always in the spring and summer). I've not had any aggression issues, though I do give the doe some time off if she seems to be having trouble keeping weight on during the breeding season.