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Hi Shane,
If you have any raccoons or other predators around, you need to build a more complex enclosure or you won't have your turtles for long. I attached photos of my box turtle enclosure. It's 4 by 8, with walls 3 feet above ground to allow enough height for plants. There is a concrete mixing tub for a pond. It sits over a two foot deep dry well, and has a removable drain. The walls extend over a foot underground. That is needed both to prevent turtles digging out, but even more so to prevent mice digging in in winter and eating the turtles out of their shells while they hibernate. It has a removable cover of four 2' by 4' frames covered by 1/2" hardware cloth. Each pair of panels is hinged in the center. Unfortunately, I've had enough turtles stolen (often by neighborhood kids who love them) that I need to lock it. The lid panels each have a padlock. You remove a padlock and that panel folds back onto the one behind it, allowing access. When you want to do major work (like looking for eggs), the whole lid assembly lifts off. This has worked well for me and my longterm 1.3 breeding group of Eastern box. (male pictured)
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