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How to distinguish the gender of Rainbow Jackson and Veiled Chameleon?

I recently purchased a Rainbow Jackson Pair and Veiled Chameleon male from the Underground Reptile Online Shop.
But I have problems with their gender.

First I bought a Rainbow Jackson pair, but I think that I got two males.
I know that Rainbow Jackson's females also have horns, but I know it has a very short.
But they're perfectly the same color, and both have pretty long, straight horns.
The large chameleon what they said to be male is 9 inches long, and the length of the horn is 3/4 inches.
what they said to be female, are as small as 7 inches long and have horns about 1/2 inch.
The reason I think they are all males, they both have a small lump at the base of their tail.

And also, i bought the male Veiled Chameleon either.
But.. it looks like female to me.
they said it is male.
but i can't find a any bumps on the backs of his(?) hind legs.
funniest thing is they said "There was no sex chosen for the 12+ inch veiled"
look at this link.


Regardless of whether there is a choice or not, it is already marked as male there with photos too.
it's a all about the male.
after then now they are telling me they sent me a male.
I don't know what's going on right now.
The chameleons arrived with signs of severe dehydration with sunken in eyes.
They haven't been drinking water properly for at least a week.

I need your advice, please help.
Are they really a pair and males?

Tell me anytime if you need more photos
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