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Aldabra Tortoise 4"-8" Aldabrachelys gigantea

Aldabra Tortoise Aldabrachelys gigantea
All Captive bred
4"-5" // 6 month old $2050.00 each
5- 6" // 1 year old $2150.00 each
7-7.75" // 2 to 2.5 year old $2250.00 each,
SPECIAL >>8"-8.25" $2350.00 each
Shipping is Delta Airlines airport to airport ONLY Flat rate $80.00 for shipping fee, cost me lots more then that.
Local pick ups welcome with appointments to office location in North San Diego County Vista, Ca. 92084
Great Investment tortoise, They go up n value as they grow. I shipped one from San Diego zoo out of LAX that was over 600lbs. Some quantity discounts available but going fast. ( 3 or more tortoises at a time )
Great shaped slow growth shells as you can see. Pictures taken 9/23/21
In tub of water picture just for cleaning their shells.
Lots to know about these amazing living dinosaurs. Please research care and husbandry Before getting one.. Thank you, Chris Estep raising, Buying & selling Aldabra Tortoises for over 30 years.. Much larger also available..
International sales minimum 40K. We are in North San Diego County. If shipping is needed text to receive pictures of the exact size you desire and you can pick your own new friend out to be shipped.
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