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Large Male Adult Aldabra tortoise 42.5 inches 425 pounds

Large Male Adult Aldabra tortoise 42.5 inches 425 pounds

Large Male young Adult Aldabra tortoise.

He is around 25 years old.
He is 42.5Ē straight shell length
He is 54Ē over the top length.
I estimate his weight at 425 pounds.
He has a smooth shell, no deformityís he is healthy and strong.
He is an aggrieve breeder, he jumps the females right away (in season).
I have raised him from a yearling.
He doesnít bite or fight with the other males.
His name is Bronco.

I am looking for the best offer or trade for female Aldabras.

If youíre into Aldabras you know large males are very rare to come by.

I am selling him because, I have six males and two females and I am looking to balance the herd.
I am selling him because; I am the least attached to him.
He is not an overly friendly animal, it doesnít stand up when you scratch his neck, sometimes you can get him to stand up with the water hose.
You can feed him by hand. If you take your time with him he does seem to warm up to you, but I have never taken the time with him.
I think he will make a great breeder. I donít think he will make a great pet unless you are happy to just watch him.

I am not looking to sell him cheap or dump him, my goal is to improve the farm, I donít have to sell him and I donít need the money.
If I donít sell him I wonít be disappointed, while he is not my favorite, I am still attached to him and care for him very much.

Sorry for all the commentary I donít mean to sound like a hard ass or indifferent I am just trying to lay the whole picture out for folks who are interested.
I know I will get many questions about him so I tried to answer those questions here first.

Sam Pascucci

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