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Lavender Albino Sunfire Motley

These are cornerstone animal for anyone looking to keep a very high quality breeding collection. Albino Reticulated pythons are arguably the most beautiful Albino snakes on the planet. Using that simple recessive gene, we have added the color deepening, intensifying co-dominate Sunfire gene years ago to bring out the most outrageous colors available in any python. Today, the generations of selective breeding for color have paid off in these snakes when we bred our best looking females into the hot new Motley Albinos- a co-dominate pattern mutation that pulls everything up high on the snakes body, leaving behind clean sides on which to display that beautiful rich orange coloration, and at the same time separating the intense pigments on the sides from a bleached out top pattern, making for striking contrast that is getting better and better as they age. These dark Lavenders have all the great looks you are after, and will produce all 3 color phases of Albino when bred to another Lavender. Because both Motley and Sunfire are co-doms, that means breeding a male of one of these to any Albino Retic female will produce 75% high end combos in every clutch, making these a stellar investment opportunity. Or, take our path and keep back a female from this first time ever clutch, and be the first one to make the next generation Retic of tomorrow we can only dream about today!

Baby Male
Make slews of gorgeous Albino combos in just 18 months

Baby Female
Start growing your dream breeders now.
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