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2015 Proven Breeder Female Russian Rat Snake (E. schrenkii)

Available is a proven breeder Russian Rat Snake (E. schrenkii) female from 2015. She is also het Axanthic, as purchased her with that genetic background. She laid 10 eggs this year for first season and has many more years of future pairings! Feeding on f/t small rats but will be starting to cool down for winter shortly.

These are one of the most underappreciated rat snakes as they are extremely docile and handle well. At one point in time they were considered an introductory animal for people interested in rat snakes due to their demeanor.

The female is $*** shipped

I'm in the process of moving and looking at my collection of projects that I am going to grow over the next 5 years and I have some surplus breeder animals (some proven and some that will be up to age in 2021). Check out my other ads about to be posted!

If interested please email me at matt@sarpamitra.com or call/text at 708.620.9003.

Check out our FaceBook Page

A year ago we did a video with R&B Reptiles showing our passion for Reptiles and that video can be viewed by clicking here where we showed the parents of these animals and discussed this species.

Note: Animals will only be shipped when overnight temperatures are over 30F and below 90 F to be held at a FedEx facility. Insurance is available for $2.50 per $100 of insurance on the shipping package. My preference in the Summer and Winter is to ship hold for pick up at FedEx.
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