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Old 04-01-2003, 11:31 PM   #1
Lori Kehoe/Lori_SnakesRule (not a good guy post, not a bad guy post)

I have been attempting contact with Lori Kehoe for several weeks now, unfortunately, she chooses to ignore her emails and PMs from me.

Here's the deal.

Over a year ago, I had 4 animals come through my rescue, a caimen, 1.1.0 normal burmese pythons and a 0.1 boa.

Lori made a trip, like she does every so often down the east coast, picking up and transporting reptiles from one rescue/shelter to either other shelters or private adopters, sometimes for her personal collection.
During her last east coast swing, she visited my home and took the 4 animals with her to be adopted out near her area, one of which was decided beforehand to be kept in her private collection, the 0.1 boa.
The caimen and the 0.1 burm, made it to the rescue that was helping place the two.
It was decided by Lori Kehoe on a later date, that she was wanting to adopt the 1.0 burmese python, which came from a local shelter with a $75 fee, which I paid out of my own pocket to prevent its' demise.

I have given Lori Kehoe, my address numerous times since then, yet the $$ fails to reach me with the excuses of 'I lost your address..' and 'I keep forgetting...'

Since Lori made the trip down the east coast, I volunteered to lose 1/2 of the shelters $75 fee in order to help her with the fuel costs of that particular trip.

I have PM'ed Lori Kehoe, on Clay English Redtailboas, which she is a moderator on.
My PM to her was opened and read, yet no response to it either.

I gave her 24 hours to respond, then I posted the exact same message to the sites owner, Clay English.
He was no help at all in the matter, saying she had not been online due to an illness, yet there are posts that give a time and date that do show and prove that Lori Kehoe was online on the days during, and preceeding, my PM to her.

I gave some additional time and posted a screen capture of the PM index, showing that the message to Lori Kehoe was in fact opened and read by her, in the forums.

Here is the post, in screen capture, in it's entirety.

The post remained on the forum for a time today, then a few minutes ago, I checked for a reply or a PM and discovered that the post had been deleted.
It did not violate the TOS of the site, redatilboas.com and was not in an inflammitory manner towards Lori Kehoe nor to any other member of the site.

Redtailboas.coms TOS
As many of you know I am extremely flexible with the posts in these forums. However, this one forum will have rules that MUST be followed, or the post will simply be deleted. You are REQUIRED to post your REAL name on EVERY post. This is the only way we can verify authenticity and it is the only way we can validate a response. Real email addresses, and real names. That's it.
As can be seen, I did not violate ANY of the rules, yet it was deleted anyway.

I am attempting to collect a debt from Lori Kehoe.
I know that THIS site will not delete my posts out of personal prejudice as seems to have been done on Redtailboas.com.

Lori Kehoe,
Once again, you do have both my current email addys, as they have been current for over a year.
I would like you to resolve this issue in a curtly manner.
If not resolved with the 1/2 of the $75 owed ($37.50)
then i do ask you to contact me to make the arrangement for either shipping the 1.0 burm to me at home, or to arrange some one near you to pick it up, and have it placed again into another home. One with an air of responsibility in it.
If you can not find my email addy again, merely look in my profile of ANY site I frequent. One site that you mod on, Redtailboas.com, I have triple checked to ensure that my addy has remained current and up to date.
Old 04-02-2003, 08:30 AM   #2
What part of the forums did you post it on.
Because I think you have a legitimate gripe.
Did you post it on the "black list" over there?
If you posted it elsewhere.....I can understand it being deleted.
But if you post it on the "black list" (I forget what it is called) I do not think it will be deleted.

Post it on the black list.

Clay - he is a fair guy, but if he decides to delete it.....it is his forum. But I just don't think he will delete it. You have a legitimate complaint and she owes you money. If Lori can post about Rachelle owing her money or snakes.....then you are entitled to post about Lori owing you money.

Ritchie - You have a valid complaint. I will definately not delete it.

Lori - If she deletes it.....That is clear abuse and misuse of her administrative powers.....and I will have to have a talk with Clay if she deletes it.
Old 04-02-2003, 09:45 AM   #3
I posted it in the Miscellaneous Forum.

'Miscellaneous Forum
Post questions about anything and everything here. This is a "catch-all" for all other type posts.
Moderator: Clay'
I didn't feel as if it should be on the 'Black list' forum, since I am merely trying to collect a debt, NOT saying she should be avoided as the forum description says.

'Inquiry Forum/Blacklist
List of people, websites, email addresses, etc to stay completely clear of. Multiple cases have proven these people to be dishonest and unreliable.
Moderators: Ritchie, LORI, Clay'
Since it is the first time experience with an issue such as this, and since Lori does do a lot of rescue work, I didn't think it would belong in the blacklist forum.

I just want to be reimbursed or the other options I mentioned in the first post, in order to put an end to this tale.

I may just post it there in the blacklist forum, as you mentioned, just to see how long the post stays up and my account on Redtailboas remains open for my use.

(I actually posted in the blacklist forum (Rdtailboas.com) as I was posting here)
Old 04-02-2003, 09:17 PM   #4
RedTailBoas Forum

First of all, I did not delete the posts....

I find it funny having to defend MYSELF and my forum in a discussion of a situation in which I have ZERO to do with either in the past or the future. Even IF I deleted it, I retain the right to do so... As you pointed out you have read the rules, and the rules say that I reserve the right to delete any post, any time, for any reason... I could delete a post strictly because I do not like a certain font or color... Although I have only deleted maybe 10 posts in 3 years... 6 or 7 which were by Jesse Underhill... And I purged over 5000 posts that were 2 years old or older..

It is funny how you made this post seem as if I should have some control over your situation.... that I was NO HELP.. I also emailed her concerning this, but that is as far as I go..

Had I done anything with the your post in the miscellaneous forum it would have been to move it. However I did see the one posted in the blacklist forum, (I receive an email of EVERY post made on the forum so I saw it was created) but I did NOT delete it. I do not, however, receive any notifications concerning deletions.

I have several moderators with Global Rights and they have broad discretion in maintaining the forums....

Lori is not on my payroll, nor do I receive any funds from her, or maintain any control over her finances or dealings in any matters.

Lori is a friend, a great moderator, and GREAT for my forum. If she feels that this personal matter should not be on my forum, then I stand behind her on that one 100%.. My forum has always been a community for helping out each other with their reptiles. It has not been nor will it ever be a place for flaming or bad temperments... I do not mind the post you placed on the forum... Although I thought from the beginning that this (BOI) is the proper place for this type of post anyway...

I can say that my forum will not be a place to where this type of problem will be discussed in an open forum. My forum was NOT created for that purpose.

Personal IM and email can handle that, or back on RH or here..

Hopefully you can make use of my forum and offer experience and help to the many people there who are seeking it.. and not use it only as a place to contact Lori.
Old 04-02-2003, 09:40 PM   #5
Bobby Douglass
Eddie, was it agreed on that you would be reimbursed for the fees you paid either ahead of time or after she decided to keep it?
Old 04-02-2003, 09:42 PM   #6
her response to you is in the other forum.
Just give her the info she needs so she can send the money and you guys can work it out.
Old 04-02-2003, 09:46 PM   #7
Bobby Douglass
Never mind then. Good luck.
Old 04-02-2003, 09:49 PM   #8
First of all, I did not delete the posts....
Then I can safely assume that Lori Kehoe deleted the post, which did NOT violate your TOS in ANY fashion.

And no, it is NOT about your site or you Clay, or RH.

It IS about an outstanding debt that has been continually ignored by Lori Kehoe.

Emails ignored, PMs opened and IGNORED as can be seen in the pic i posted above, see the small OPEN envelop beside the PM to Lori Kehoe?

That means it was read.

By her.

Ignored by her.

If anyone else opened it, then she has violated the trust that you have given her, by allowing others to log in as her, with her account.

Once again, Clay,
This issue has been around for over a year.
The emails and PMs have been ignored.
All the promises by her to send the $$ for the last year, have not been kept.

It is funny how you made this post seem as if I should have some control over your situation.... that I was NO HELP.. I also emailed her concerning this, but that is as far as I go..
Lori Kehoe is a moderator for you.
I would be appreciative of ANYONE that let me, as an admin, know that a moderator has had and is continuing to ignore debts, even small ones, in the reptile world of the WWW.
You as the site owner, can say "Lori, is there any way you can handle this, BEFORE it goes public on the entire WWW?'
Since it was deleted, not by you of course, and in the same fasion of total gestapoism that has been displayed by Lori Kehoe on the other sites she has modded or adminned on, then it stands to seem that Lori Kehoe is still feigning innocence and is attemptimg to skirt the issue at hand by 'hiding' it as best that she can.

Since the PM was opened AND ignored, then I can safely say that Lori Kehoe HAS been online, although claiming to be offline during this period of time, preceeding THIS post, on the BOI.

I can say that my forum will not be a place to where this type of problem will be discussed in an open forum. My forum was NOT created for that purpose.
With the PM opened and ignored, emails ignored also, then where am I supposed to ask for a closure on this?

The open forum, of which you do have a misc. section along with a blacklist section, on YOUR site.

Since I did attempt a PM and emails, which were ignored, I had no other avenue except the open forums.
She is on your site as a mod, and active there, so the forums on your site was a beginning point for the 'open' discussion.

With the ignorance of PMs and emails, along with deletion of the post, then the next place is here, on the BOI, mainly since Lori Kehoe is a member here AND does not have the powers to alter or delete this post as on other sites.

Once again Clay, all due process has been followed, no flames or TOS violations on your site or here.
Merely attempting to collect an outstanding debt.

The process was as follows -

pm to you, making you aware BEFORE being placed publicly
post on RTBs.com
post on BOI and in your blacklist (your version of the BOI)

Am I to forget about the debt since you don't want one of your mods to be asked to pay it?
Or be asked in a public forum where neither of you can modify or delete posts?
Old 04-02-2003, 09:50 PM   #9
Dang.. everyone was typing faster than me.....
Old 04-02-2003, 10:03 PM   #10
For what it is worth, the post in the "blacklist" section was never deleted. It is still there and waiting for you to supply your paypal email account as requested by Lori.

I did what I thought was right to do with this situation, I emailed her immediately to let her know about the post....

I still feel that I held up my end of the "Admin" role on a forum and notified her immediately of the post....

Trust me if it came down to 37 dollars or keeping Lori as a moderator on my forum.. I would send you the 37 bucks myself.. She has helped too many people on my forum to allow this to affect her position there..

That offer stands by the way..

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