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SOUND OFF!!! Ever have something REALLY bugging you and nowhere to vent about it? Well, this is the place. It does not have to be fauna oriented at all! Get it off your chest right here.

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Old 06-11-2009, 10:15 PM   #1
Miss Tuniwha
Noobs and CH babies (in large quantities)

First.. I wish to state that this is NOT directed towards the person. but. it got a HUGE conversation started.

Long story short. someone came into chat asking some questions. This person had never had baby ball pythons, yet recently purchased 300 wc babies.

These babies were fresh, had not had their first meals (as far as we gathered) and so on.

She is now having some issues getting them to eat.

She initially had the idea to start force feeding in her head.

We quickly explained how harmful that could be, since she had never done it before, and tried to figure out other options for her.

We asked some questions about the set ups and what not, and it sounded like she was doing her best to properly care for them, making sure they were hydrated etc.

I asked if they had been treated for parasites, as parasites would/could cause her/them many issues, including them not eating.

Again. This is not at her, so hunny, when you read this. please do not take this wrong, or as an attack.

Many new people wanting to get into ball pythons decide to take the ch route these days.

Usually they want to jump in quickly to the morph lines, and assume getting hundreds of wild babies, that at least a couple will genetically guide them to awesomeness.

This is NOT something that should be attempted by someone who is new to this.

My main concern is that this specific girl was directed to do so by others (at a show I believe)

I do not know if this person that said this to her is the one that sold them to her? (maybe the reason for the advice)

ANYWHO. I guess my concern, is that so many people just JUMP... without looking.

What do others think of things like this??

My concern is. when this happens with people (cuz it happens a lot) are they honest?? do they sell those babies as fine, what if they DONT treat for parasites because they don't know to?? then sell it to someone saying it is perfectly healthy?

I guess I am just curious of others thoughts.

Old 06-11-2009, 10:25 PM   #2
Mooing Tricycle
I really hate that people can get CH so simply, and so easily... completely uninformed.

Then... when they have problems, they come to us wondering why they are having SO many problems. It bugs the crap out of me that these importers/sellers whoever they are, just SELL them... to make a buck, without a thought to these animals well being at all. I dont know about you guys, but i know for SURE i will be including a caresheet with EVERY animal sold to someone i dont know, regardless of what they tell me. They can read it or toss it, but at least ill be making the effort to educate!!!

But, what also bothers me... and makes me feel they are just as much to blame, is these people who buy these "cheap" ball pythons... dont want to spend all sorts of money on ball pythons/the animals in general anyway... so they buy 5.00 imports and think its a great awesome deal.... and again, wonder why there are so many problems. I just shake my head at it all.

Old 06-11-2009, 11:34 PM   #3
I have nothing against CH, but I think people should at the very least go into it informed as to what can be expected, etc. I wouldn't recommend starting a baby for a rank newbie, not at all. I think whomever told her that, and sold her those animals should be drawn and quartered.

I love CH babies myself because I'm a big fan of interesting normals. You can get patterns with CH that you don't see that often with CBB, and I've certainly paid more for the CH I have than I've paid for the CBB babies of the same age and such. BUT. I buy mine from a good guy who takes the time to get them feeding and all that before he sends them on their way. I treat them myself for internal and external parasites once they're here, even though there's been no evidence of that stuff on kids I've gotten from him.

Wherever this person is, if she's nearby enough, I'll volunteer to help with a few of them. I'm no expert, but I've learned a few tricks along the way.
Old 06-12-2009, 12:13 AM   #4
Tiger Lilly
When I bought my first bps as pets, I'm pretty sure they were wc; years later when I thought about getting into breeding and wanted to build my stock, I bought 10 ch female babies. They were already feeding and actually from a reputable source. I did it because it's what I could afford at the time, not because I thought I'd get lucky with a new morph in the wc lines. In that same time-frame, I also bought some wc--not necessarily because of the price as much as because I thought they were pretty. I only have one of them left because the other one was apparently ill when I bought it and died within a couple of weeks.
I took care of having them wormed, quarantined, etc, and today they are part of my future breeding stock. I did my research after my first dealings with the ch because I didn't know what the heck ch/wc was back then. Thankfully, my pets back then were no problems.
I don't agree with buying ANYTHING if you haven't done the research beforehand. Some people look at the $$ aspect, as in reselling them. I don't advocate that either, unless you're going to take the time and necessary steps to prepare them for being sold as healthy. Yeah, I know it cuts down on the profit margin, but, oh well.
As for buying wc at all, anymore I'm not sure I'd go that route after having done more reading. It's not worth the aggravation on a large scale quantity when there are reliable and well-known breeders to buy from.
As for the force-feeding issue--can't deal with that one at all & I surely don't agree with it either.
I know that their are as many varying opinions as there will be people that respond to this, but that's mine.
Old 06-12-2009, 12:21 AM   #5
Miss Tuniwha
Originally Posted by Tiger Lilly View Post
I don't agree with buying ANYTHING if you haven't done the research beforehand.
that is really the whole point behind my post. I am fine with some CH. Do I think that there is a need for the majority of it? no.. there are so many normals already being produced I don't see it being a huge necessity, but I DO see why some do.

the issue is the noob factor. HUNDREDS of fresh imports.. hell, hundreds of ANYTHING to someone who has never dealt with that. doesn't make sense to me. and it seems that many of newer people these days seem to think that its a great way to make a quick buck.

pay 5$ each, buy 100.. sell them for 20 each.. there ya go.. but they dont think of the food, the time, and the parasite treatments and such.

I think people just really need to do more research before jumping into things like this.
Old 06-12-2009, 01:10 AM   #6
Originally Posted by Miss Tuniwha View Post
I think people just really need to do more research before jumping into things like this.
Agreed. It's like getting married at 13. Sure, it might work out, but what are the real odds?

Were you guys able to offer some advice to help get them through?
Old 06-12-2009, 01:34 AM   #7
Miss Tuniwha
Originally Posted by MagickalMorphs View Post
Agreed. It's like getting married at 13. Sure, it might work out, but what are the real odds?

Were you guys able to offer some advice to help get them through?
I thought we were.. we asked a lot of questions, and gave good pointers. A good few of the people in there had dealt with wc babies before. But after asking about parasites and such, the lady dropped out of chat. We are hoping it is merely because something came up and she had to leave in a hurry, or lost internet access or something.. I know that happens to me from time to time.
Old 06-19-2009, 11:29 PM   #8
It's an old pic but here is a bag of CH. Right out of the egg and shipped overseas.
Unless you have experience starting stressed babies and no how to set them up (individually), leave CH alone IMO.


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