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Old 12-02-2022, 04:53 PM   #1
Itinerary #32, December 6th!! Get Your orders in and ready for transport!!

NOTA BENE #1: I am going to word this as clearly as possible because I suck at writing clearly sometimes LOL (I muddy things up with my excessive details)...

The rate for one (1) Pickup going to a Customer (Recipient) has increased for Winter, to $175 (possibly $200 in January/February), and one (1) reasoning can be read in the article Fuel Economy in Cold Weather: It will come back down to $150 in the Spring. Another reasoning is for November and December in particular, in that, as You read last month and as implied above, November and December have proven to be my slowest months the past three (3) years now (I have been learning patterns), and I need to compensate for such few Shipments so as to not bury myself financially (if I even go out). January and February are simply the coldest, snowiest and iciest, which significantly, negatively affects fuel economy (read the article above).



For those who don't know, I have been running solo since September NO thanks to Lois cheating on me a second time in late August/early September (with a 46-year-old meth head [Daniel Stoltey:] who has daughters older than her [...], first time with a coke head in early 2021), and then running off when I forgave her yet again and wanting to take her back. Way to bury a 3-year relationship with Your Twin Flame, and with the "family...I always wanted", right?

"It took losing everything to realize what I had and what I wanted in my life and all I want is this family. I love You all."

Oh, and...

"If I don't have you, I don't have them either.. I know I have a hard time showing love and appreciation for Alyssa and Avelina sometimes, but I've been trying to work on it. I just always have a fear of falling too hard and losing everyone.. plus I'm just shy and anxious.."

Sooo, like You did to Avelina and I, who fell hard, loved and accepted You unconditionally? And me; who was dead-passionate, committed and madly in love with You like no other, who gave You the goddamn world and a better life than You ever will receive elsewhere? Yeah, way to break our hearts and send us into depression. Glad You're happy...or so you think.

Well anyway; for future itineraries consisting of 40+ Shipments (unless You are in PA/OH/eastern KY/Virginias/Carolinas, in which I always come back through a second time and thus don't have to fly You back home, then 25+ Shipments), I am compiling a list of experienced* drivers to call from to fill the role of copilot. Payout will be:

First 50 Shipments @ $25/Shipment
Over 50 Shipments @ $40/Shipment

Exempli gratia; a 40-Shipment itinerary will pay out $1,000, a 50-Shipment itinerary will pay out $1,250, and a 63-Shipment itinerary like in September 2022 if I ever get that again, will pay out $1,770. I may throw little bonuses on top.

All food, beverage, toiletries, charger, and anything else necessary for the itinerary will be paid for by me.

Please inquire for the explicit nature of the service, thank You.

*Experienced can come in different forms. Hate to say it, but very few are going to match Lois who, for a 22-year-old, was drilled with quite the experience via being thrown to the fire two (2) years ago when this service launched; however, she had developed quite the driving experience and GPS interpretation/predictability before we had even met a few years ago, from her DoorDash and Instacart.

Anyway; whether You've had jobs on the road like I had before launching this service (seven [7] of them to be precise, starting at age 19), or You are simply older, say, mid/late-20s and up, where, at a national average of 15,000 miles per year, You would have naturally gained experience and confidence behind the wheel, able to adapt and take on different states' architectural styles, interpret different states' signages, and so on...well, this should be experience enough. Many states, particularly the cities of Texas which Lois hated--even the highways, freeways, and on n' off ramps are tough--can be quite daunting otherwise, not gonna lie. I don't expect anyone to have nearly 1,000,000 miles under their belt like I do (yes, this is accurate, I have been tallying my entire life's driving experience LOL), but fresh out of driving school isn't going to cut it.

NOTA BENE #3: Please follow this link to my new Obscure Gems Reptiles, LLC, page:, and read my Conditional Live Arrival Guarantee (more like Exemptions from Live Arrival Guarantee) and Payment Terms & Conditions, the latter currently Pinned to the top of the page.

NOTA BENE #4: Regarding the Payment Terms & Conditions mentioned above, there will be an amendment very soon, a very slight change: Any Shipments added after departure which incur a new Stop(s), will have to be paid for immediately, for just one (1) added Stop can alter an itinerary drastically (reconfigured to save the most gas and time overall, that's how my itineraries are determined), and I am NOT putting my faith in a prospective Shipment, altering the itinerary to accommodate the new Stop(s), only to have the Shipment drop off and make me reroute to the previous itinerary. Id est; Your immediate payment guarantees I won't be wasting my time and gas, nor wasting everybody else's time, nor having Shipments (animals) on the road longer than necessary, and should the Seller and/or Customer (Recipient) cancel after payment/starting this rerouted itinerary, there will be NO refund!


WINTER PRICE MATRIX (for multiple Pickups being delivered at the same time, to one [1] Destination)

One (1) Pickup = $175
Two (2) Pickups = $325
Three (3) Pickups = $450
Four (4) Pickups = $550
Five (5) Pickups = $650
Six (6) Pickups = $750
Successive Pickups will be $100/ea on top of the $750.

Another way of wording it:

1st Pickup = $175
2nd Pickup = $150
3rd Pickup = $125
4th Pickup = $100
5th Pickup = $100
6th Pickup = $100
Successive Pickups will continue to be $100/ea.

NOTA BENE: This is per itinerary by the way, not in the whole history of using my service. Id est; a client during my July 2022 itinerary thought that using my service a second time (successive itinerary), Shipments (Pickups) would only be $125 for that second itinerary (or in the case of Winter, $150). No. This is not how that works. The first Shipment (Pickup) of an itinerary will always be $150 ($175 during Winter), and so on down the (Winter) Price Matrix from there.

Also, NOTA BENE: This is when ALL Stops, id est all Pickups + Delivery, are within Standard Territory, id est: All of Pennsylvania down the east coast to Tampa, across the Gulf down to San Antonio, over to San Angelo and straight up through the greater eastern halves/portions of OK/KS/NE, up to Minneapolis, the lower halves of WI and MI, and everything within. Create imaginary latitudinal and longitudinal lines if You will, and there You have it.

Id est; for each Stop, whether Pickup or Delivery, outside of Standard Territory, there will be a surcharge. This is called Extended Territory. Examples:

$25: Fort Myers, FL; Laredo, Lubbock & Odessa, TX; Alliance, NE
$50: Miami, FL; El Paso, TX; Cheyenne, WY; Grygla, MN
$75: Amado, Tucson & Phoenix, AZ

Very rarely, a Shipment will incur both the Seller and Customer (Recipient) being in Extended Territories, in which there will be two (2) surcharges. Exempli gratia: El Paso, TX-->Alliance, WY would be $225 total: $150 (base fee) + $50 (El Paso surcharge) + $25 (Alliance surcharge).

Exceptionally large Shipments still incur their own surcharge (possibly on top of an Extended Territory surcharge[s]), whether a single large animal (exempli gratia, an adult D. polylepis, O. hannah or Lachesis sp.), a large pair of animals (e.g., full-grown B. rhinoceros), or a gazillion animals. It is typically a $25 or $50 surcharge.


Greetings Everyone,

For those who were a part of any of the first 31 itineraries, or who at least followed the corresponding ads:

November 3:
November 17:
November 30:
December 15:
December 29:
January 11:
January 28:
February 8:
March 2:
March 23:
April 13:
May 4:
May 19:
June 15:
July 13:
August 10:
August 24:
September 15:
October 19:
November 15:
December 6:
January 11
February 15:
March 8:
May 3:
June 14:
July 12:
August 9:
September 13:
October 11:
November 9:

...I will be hitting the road again on December 6. For those who are unaware of what all of this pertains to, please read my original ‘(VENOMOUS) ANIMAL DELIVERY SERVICE’ ad posted on 4 September 2020:, finally revamped on 7 May 2022, and read all of the positive feedback on the first of the aforementioned links (11/3/20).

I will detail how the process works which is quite simple honestly, via a pre-typed description that I copy/paste to everyone, and over a phone call if need be. In the meantime, please check out the previous ads for an idea of how these itineraries work, the smooth flow n’ logical order of Pickups and Deliveries that is, and infer what You can.

As of December 19, I have 32 Shipments/49 Stops lined up so far. See photos 2-4, and a Reply with two (2) photos, for Google Maps screenshots of the current itinerary, and the corresponding list here (id est, 'current' because more Stops [Shipments] will likely be added which, logically, will alter the itinerary, but which all affected Sellers and Customers [Recipients] will be apprised of renewed ETAs ASAP):

Tuesday, 12/6
Sterling: Pickup
Suffolk: Pickup
Little River: Pickup
Wednesday, 12/7
Ridgeland: Pickup
St. Augustine (World Commerce Pkwy): Delivery (nonvenomous; from Ridgeland Pickup)
St. Augustine (Anastasia Blvd): Pickup (nonvenomous)
Gainesville: Pickup x 2 (nonvenomous)
Tallahassee: Pickup (nonvenomous)
Thursday, 12/8
Seneca: Pickup
Buchanan: Delivery (from Gainesville Pickup)
Flippin: Pickup
Friday, 12/9
Carthage: Pickup
Higginsville: Delivery (from Suffolk Pickup)
Saturday, 12/10
Grygla: Pickup x 2, + Delivery (from Flippin Pickup)
Germantown: Pickup + Delivery (from Little River Pickup)
Sunday, 12/11
St. Charles, IL: Delivery (from Gainesville Pickup)
Flippin: Delivery (from Grygla Pickup)
Monday, 12/12
Brandon: Delivery (from Seneca Pickup)
Naples: Pickup x 3
Palestine: Delivery (from Sterling Pickup)
Magnolia: Delivery (from Grygla Pickup)
Somerville: Delivery (from St. Augustine Pickup)
Tuesday, 12/13
Killeen: Pickup
Burnet: Pickup
Atascosa: Pickup x 2
Bandera: Pickup
Wednesday, 12/14
Amado: Delivery (Degu; from Naples Pickup)
Thursday, 12/15
Cave Creek: Pickup
Friday, 12/16
Alliance: Delivery (from Bandera Pickup)
Schuyler: Pickup
Omaha: Pickup
Saturday, 12/17
Cheboygan: Delivery (from Killeen Pickup)
Sunday, 12/18
Concord Twp.: Pickup + Delivery (from Schuyler Pickup)
Vanderbilt: Delivery (from Burnet Pickup)
Home: Delivery (from Omaha Pickup)
Meyersdale: Delivery (from Naples Pickup)
Huntington: Delivery x 2 (from Atascosa Pickup, and from me)
Monday, 12/19
Maiden: Delivery (from Carthage Pickup)
Seneca: Pickup x 2, + Delivery (from Atascosa Pickup)
Ridgeland: Pickup x 4, + Delivery (from Cave Creek Pickup)
Tuesday, 12/20
Charleston: Delivery (from [second] Ridgeland Pickup)
Little River: Delivery (from Germantown Pickup)
Virginia Beach: Delivery (from Naples Pickup)
Richmond: Delivery x 2 (from [second] Seneca & [second] Ridgeland Pickups)
Wednesday, 12/21
Reading: Delivery (from Concord Twp. Pickup)
Matamoras: Delivery (from [second] Ridgeland Pickup)
Olyphant: Delivery (from [second] Ridgeland Pickup)
Millville: Delivery (from Tallahassee Pickup)
Altoona: Delivery (from [second] Seneca Pickup)

≈12,543 miles, divided by ≈30 MPG ≈ 418 gallons, times $3.108/gal (AAA National Average as of 12/21) ≈ $1,300 in gas, let alone wear n' tear (e.g., synthetic LOF every month/$80, tires every ≈3 months/$700), tolls (≈$200/mo.), food ($400-$500 w/copilot, ≈$200 solo), et cetera. Not that anyone has ever given me issue on my transport fee, knock on wood, and I thank You All for Your understanding and acceptance, but this is to explain why rates had increased in March 2021 should there ever be any question or complaint, and to further explain surcharges for Extended Territories (see above) which are extended because they have very few Clients/very little business, in which I need to compensate to go out to those territories for 1 or 2 Stops.

Nota Bene: These Google Maps GPS screenshots aren't entirely accurate, as I use Apple Maps from Stop-to-Stop, and from Chandler, AZ-->Cheyenne, WY in the July 2022 itinerary for example, Apple Maps took me up through Utah to I-70E, which I was on for 318 miles, not what You see depicted there in Google Maps. Also, added Shipments do not necessarily mean added Stops if both Pickup and Delivery are locations we are already hitting up. Id est, added Shipments will not necessarily add time, save playing Tetris to fit everything as well as more animals to inspect in my daily inspections.

Please share these ads like wildfire! The more Shipments the merrier! And as far as payment options and quotes, please inquire.

I thank You in advance for Your (continuing) patronage!! I offer many benefits to my service, including but not limited to: Daily inspections with videos of each animal sent as proof (Customers love this!); conditional live arrival guarantee (see link above for terms and details); no special crating nor IATA labels; hand-delivery to Your home, work or public place of Your choice; flexibility and versatility including able to change course last minute (e.g. from home to work); direct communication (and timely responses) with the carrier of Your precious gems.

Give Obscure Gems Reptiles, LLC’s, Animal Transport Service a shot, You will not be disappointed!!


Timothy Gould
Obscure Gems Reptiles, LLC
Cell: (413) 427-4832
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Old 12-02-2022, 04:54 PM   #2
Screenshot #6

Screenshot #6. Thirty-two (32) Shipments/49 Stops so far, keep'em comin'!!
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