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Closed Thread
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Old 01-23-2005, 07:58 AM   #1
Female Yearling, Hypo Pastel X Orange, Male Sandfire Yearling

Sunshinedragons...A Breeders Choice...

Female Hypo Pastel X Orange-High Iradescent Orange head, Pastel Body- Yearling-$150, Excellent Genetics, Healty, Great personality!

Male Sandfire-Yellowish head Light Tangerine solid body with yellow highlights-$150, Excellent Genetics, Healty, Great personality!
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Old 01-25-2005, 09:18 PM   #2
You Have Mail :)

You Have Mail
Old 01-28-2005, 05:46 PM   #3
Female Hypo Pastel X Orange

Hello this is beautiful girl still available?
Old 01-28-2005, 08:51 PM   #4
Hypo Pastel X Orange female

Hi, She was sold pretty fast. The male Sandfire is a great Dragon as well. We may be selling some females as we just obtained several yearlings.
E Mail me at Sunshinedragons@aol.com

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Old 01-28-2005, 08:54 PM   #5
Ok thanks. Yeah we're pretty male heavy and dont need anymore, were actually trying to move our male german giant out as we speak. But thanks for the quick response..
Old 01-28-2005, 08:56 PM   #6
Also if you do decide to sell anymore females is there anyway you can contact me at jnsdragons@yahoo.com or im me on aol at jnsdragons. Thank you.
Old 02-04-2005, 12:11 PM   #7
is the male proven? because i need a proven male, if he isn't do you have any proven males you are looking to sell or know anyone. thank you
Old 02-05-2005, 07:25 PM   #8
Proven Male Breeder

We carry an over stock of Breeders as we don't in Breed or line Breed. We are always looking to pick up different genetics, therefore we need to sell some off. We just sold off three very strong 2 year old strong breeders with great genetics, Every August we rotate about 12 Breeders, males and females for just that purpose. In between if we obtain a few Dragons to fill voids we also sell off a few.

We take incredible care of our Breeders, and although we have been Breeding for 10 years, and selling to Breeders, this is the first year we decided to go to the public.Check in occasionally as you just missed an incredible beautiful 3 year old solid Breeder, and again n August we sell off (world War III here) 6-12 of our 40-50 Breeders, in an effort to pick up replacements to fill voids, or mix up genetics. We rarely hold back Dragons, as we eon't like to have similar genetics that may get mix in.

We feed our dragons 3 X a day, bath each one, seperately, once a week to hydrate, digest, and help shed. We regulalry have each ones poop checked, whether or not they appear to need it it. these are still our pets,a dn we are very passionate about them. We obtained Chris Allen's Colony last year to add to our colony, and this year we are obtaining a chunk of Dragonsby Natures Colony to keep upgrading with well breed and well kept Dragons, by some of the best Dragon breeders around, that may be taking a break.

We will let you know if anything is a duplicate, or we feel it is necesarry to let go of a quality breeder. yet we are particular about where they go.

Nice hearing from you, and keep in touch.

Customer Comments (Testimonials?)

--Some of the testimonials we obtained are listed below. We are getting the rest and going to sort through them. We haven't yet asked permission to use names, until we finish, therefore names of people, or companies are not for publication, or news. We haven't gone through all our customer list yet, and just pulled out a few different ones.
........ about the dragon. I'm sure she'll be beautiful. We named her Sunshine in honor of your family. We'll keep her and raise her up ..... She's a sweet dragon I dig her.. I'll keep you updated on her color if you like just so you can see if you are curious. Please thank your family and son for us... honestly, if more people had your morals and ethics, the reptile trade would be a lot better place to work and deal in. It's nice to know there are breeders out there that care a lot.

In a message dated 7/13/2004 3:55:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, brandon@dragonsbynature.com writes

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Bruce,
……….No problem… there will be many more to come… we feel very comfortable sending our customers to you for their bearded dragons. We have no doubt they will be well treated.
Warm Regards,
Director Of Internet Services
Big Apple Herpetological, Inc.

WOW !!!

Bruce, in the e-mails I have been saying "little guy". When I opened the package, WOW! He is a big boy!

Thank you so much, He is much more than I expected. Beautiful and lots of Red. I thought he was going to be 1/2 a size smaller. I was so excited, I left work for an hour to make sure I was there for the delivery. He arrived at about 10:05am. I soaked him for about 10 minutes before running back to work.

I will e-mail you tomorrow with more details.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Bruce, male or female...I am very happy with my animal. She is eating every thing in sight.... Especially veggies.

The Best Always,

Scott @ Awesome Dragons
Our new dragon is now eating and seems to be adjusting to her new environment. ......... I can already see differences in the personalities of our 2 dragons. The new dragon (from Sunshinedragons) seems less flighty when held, staying in one place rather than sprinting away ASAP. I'll send some pictures as she develops so you can see her colors. Take care, Brian Hale.

"....I purchased the CA male flaming tiger x Blaze male from you earlier this year. He's coloring up nicely and growing rapidly....I think you did something wonderful for a family that may need some additional outlet .......I really appreciate your quick response to my question ......
P.S always appreciate that extra mile you go in answering my questions...gives me lots of info. so I don't have to bother you to ask again.
Teresa. (www.tbkdragons.com)

I just now got to read this. Wow!!! I am his owner and I feel so honored. That brings my total to five.
Josiah Opie bright orange(parents?)
Layla Rosetta Red(scar)
Missie Rachell (local, peach)
Candy Cane (scar,snow) (still might get her a cage mate that is her size at the show, hate to see her lonely. Our show sells 6 inche ones pretty cheap.)
Lazer _____(Parents?) hehe

Wow I have an awsome collection for breeding now!!!!!!!!!!! FOUR of my dragons are from YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanls Bruce, you are one beautiful person that I am glad I know.
luv, Terry

They are adorable and the color is very, very nice I see a lot of yellow and I see red in the pattern's. Very clear and nice pictures, let Lauren know she did a great job.

AS these lil ones get older their color will become more vibrant?
If I were you I would keep one of these babies for a future breeder.

Again, thank you
I've been browsing through your site (that I found through Google) and wanted to congratulate you on such an informative and beautifully designed site! It is very thorough and well written.

Julie and Justin Williams, Proprietors
Basking Wonders, LLC
I trust you and know what you have is healthy, where other people on kingsnake or reptibid even regal reptiles I don't know what I am getting...most of the classifieds are Morphs on these forums anyway, want a lot of money for them, so if you have a female holdback, even IF you may want to sell her and she is a high color please let me know the price.

Thank you,

In a message dated 7/23/2004 8:23:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, brandon@dragonsbynature.com writes:
Gorgeous dragon Bruce...
Hey Bruce,

Thanks man, I appreciate that. He's a gorgeous dragon.. whoever got him will be very happy. I think it's great you and your family took the hit on the money to send to a good home... certain breeders way over breed their stuff and i wouldn't send a favorite that way either.. not all.. but some ya know?

Congrats on the cages.. i saw the pix you sent of them. Look great. I too am a fan of the lower profile cages.. that way they are kept closer to the UVB and makes it easier to maintain proper levels. Never understood why people were so hell bent on 24" high for dragons.. just never made sense to me...
I want to keep records of these so when I sell, I can state their history. It will help them place.
I printed Lazor's picture out and have shown my family, I am so in love with him already!!! He is outstanding!
Thank you for your time, and thanks again for the updates! I visit the site almost daily to admire your gorgeous dragons!

Sandra Vanderploeg
Yea Pictures!!! I can't wait to see the babies!!!! Would I be able to actually choose from the hatchlings in the pictures?? PLEASE??? I'm very excited. I appreciate you keeping me up to date.

Looking forward to hearing from you & seeing pictures!


In a message dated 7/15/2004 12:21:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, Jazzper24K writes:
Colors are very, very pretty...I named him/her autumn for the color reminds me of this season. I have seen, vibrant orange! and yes the white pops out these colors... What a beautiful dragon, so sweet and very tame, when I go in the tank does not run, will actually cling and wants to be picked up

If you don't sell out this clutch at the show please let me know. Also breeding Scar and MiloSnow next year? If so I want another, will pay what ever you want.

I also want to add you have a good eye Bruce for paring up the breeder's and the passion you have for this unique reptile is amazing!

You are one of the "Top" breeder's and have 100% percent trust for I know you don't inbreed and still get the pedigree color and the health to go with the total package!

Date: 8/18/2004 7:41:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

comments: Hey there Bruce

How are you doing. I ……………. was wondering if you had any individual pics of the beardies available? Specificaly the Scar X Snow, or the Snow X Snow. I am looking for the brightest male you've got, if any. By they way my male I got from you almost a year ago turned out to be the most georgeous dragon I have ever seen!
Submit: Submit name: Emily P……..

You two are just great to work with. I passed on the word to one of my close friends about you guys. I think she may be looking for a snow. Hopefully she will contact you sometime soon. Meanwhile, I am going to take some pictures of my male here, and send them to you. Talk to you soon.



Thanks very much for all the extra attention...it is rare that I can say with complete honesty "it's a pleasure doing business with you"!

Thanks again Bruce....

Take care,

Syd (and Emily)


---could you please send me pics and prices on the reds and oranges? i am very, very pleased with the snow that i purchased from you, thank you, Robert Baxter
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am so pleased I found a man like you to deal with on this...or any purchase for that matter. Thanks Bruce and I will discuss with Julia
-----Original Message-----
From: SunshineDragons@aol.com [mailto:SunshineDragons@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 6:17 AM
To: Bridgforth, John
Subject: Checking in, and some options depending on the situation
In a message dated 8/26/2004 10:39:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, JBridgforth@dimon.com writes:

Thanks again for the kind compliments… I’m impressed with the amount of time
you take to help people. That is very unusual in this business and I suppose in many others too.
Warm Regards,
Director Of Internet Services
Big Apple Herpetological, Inc.
hey bruce it sounds good, i would appreciate it if you sent me some pics. The dragon you sent me is doing awesome.

Thank you,

Paul Ab…….
In a message dated 8/28/2004 2:09:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, MinitMan86 writes:
sounds good i will have to email you a pic of the beardie you gave me, i can start to see the rted coloration come in on its back, probably on the next shed he will be showing red.. awesome baby

Bruce, i just wanted to say THANK YOU a Million more times, i think i was the only one at that show who was walking around blushing for the remainder of the show, IM really really really grateful and i just wish and can do something to show my appreciation, well, ill be in contact, for sure, and bruce, thanks alot, ....

forever Grateful
Jon Pierre(J.P) Navas

Thanks for your generosity. As a fellow herper, we need more people who will rally around in time of need and help without expecting in return. I'll keep you updated on his progress. I'm sure with a couple more sheds, he will turn into a spectular dragon. Thank you again...Have a great day, Teresa.

Bruce.... Sorry I am SO late geting back to you..... the kids arrived on time and in great condition. Everything went well...... I am very happy with both of them....... Thank you not only for the great care in your packing, but for giving me the chance to add them to my collection.... You could not of asked for a better home for them...... Thank You they are just great..... I will let you know soon about the cages...... I need more room...... Steven

9/16/2004 4:16:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Emilyp……………..
Hi Bruce,

I got the dragons today! They both look very nice. I gave both of them a soak in water, and they each have seperate cages. You are great to do buisness with, and I'll recommend you to anyone looking for a nice beardie! Talk to you soon


hey, i recieved her yesterday and yes i did soak her, not for 10 minutes but i'll do it again. i have also misted her twice yesterday and today because i've heard that helps too. shes been eating greens and even ate some crickets today. thank you for you helpfull service. i have to say your one of the best companies i've dealt with before.

thank you, matt

Hi Bruce, Hope all is well.

Rusty is still doing great. He is quite the gentleman, very calm and laid back. He eats and drinks well and gets plenty of love. He shows the brightest red when sleeping. Thanks as always for giving my family and I a beautiful dragon.

Luom Truong

wanted to let you know the snow arrived safe and sound. He's a lot larger then I expected, and I am very pleased. I'll keep you updated on how his coloring develops. I'm also looking into your caging.


Thanks, i feel the same way about you and your business. I have been impressed the way you run it and your standards and that's something you don't see really... ever in this business at least from the "hobby" breeders such as ourselve. I have a pretty strong business background myself from running my own compute consulting... it taught me a lot about how to interact and deal with people and to make things right. It also taught me how to do things the right way and the wrong way. You guys do things the right way and i've heard a lot of good things and I think you guys are great for the reptile industry ………
Bruce is a great guy! I do not even hint at a refund when I voiced my
concern about this dragon to him and he automatically offered it to me. I
had told him that I did not feel that was fair to him as the seller to give
me a full refund and allow me to keep my dragon. In his last email to me, he insisted that is the right thing to do.

Yes, I understand what you are saying. I agree, Bruce is a great guy. He's
done something in the bearded dragon "world" that others have not done and
has really stood out as a top notch breeder and someone I consider a
personal friend... and that's important to me in a reptile trade with a lot
of questionable people. Bruce is one of the handful of good people out
there that I consider friends and do business with.


I agree with the comments that have been presented below… there is no doubt
you possess excellent marketing qualities. I’m very impressed with your skills.
This industry lacks the finesse that is found in other types of business communities.


Director Of Internet Services
Big Apple Herpetological, Inc.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your extremely generous compliments of Big Apple Herp.
Our ears and eyes are wide open, we are always looking out for opportunities. It sounds like your
into some exciting projects and we await your offerings. We understand about cash flow… between
the new facility and the launch later this month of more than a dozen new Big Apple products it is
starting to add up
I would feel extremely honored to be a part of distributing your line of cages.
Thank you for considering me though. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I'll continue to look for what you've got coming up. Keep up the good work!! Teresa
Hi Emily,

We always like to check in to see how your dragons are developing, and if you have any issues or questions. We hope you are enjoying them, and would love to know how you, and they are doing?

The dragons seem to be doing wonderful! They both have some excellent colors, and are eating like pigs. Thanks for checking in. Hope you are well!

I hope this message finds you well. Just wanted to give you an update on Bingo....we've had him (her?)now for almost 2 months and everything is going fine…………. He is certainly thriving....here are a few pictures. The first two were taken a few days after he got him....the next two were taken today. He has grown a *LOT*! Check it out!

Once again, thanks for all your help in getting us started. My daughter is really enjoying the whole experience....


Syd, Katherine, Emily, Harmony....and Bingo!


Posted by: vakejairam at Tues Nov 16 22:44:51 2004 on Kingsnake

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend I attended the NARBC show, and it was quite different relative to last year. There seemed to be tons of vendors advertising their cage/rack line.

One cage line that caught my attention was Sunshinecages. The cages seem very well put together. I noticed that the PVC is actually wrapped to form the bottom, back, and top, which adds to structural integrity. The doors were well mounted, and they look great!

I know how hard it is to find a good cage, and reliable information. I just saw something that looked great, and I hope this post is helpful to someone looking to purchase a cage.


Vake J.

In short, your cages look like yet another improvement towards the perfect cage.

Dr Jay

Posted by: Altimaes300 at Sat Dec 4 07:42:10 2004 [ Report AbuseEmail Message
After further investigation on both parties it has been decided that it at an honest misunderstanding. I feel like I'm being overly compensated for my trouble, more than I ever expected. Although I am not positive on the exact morph, I believe it to be at least 66% leucistic. It is a very pretty, healthy, hardy, dragon. In a size comparison the male I sent was the only one close to the size of "Lucy" and he is getting sent back the begining of next week. Also, I am getting 2nd pick of the best male red in the countryxa really nice female. This situation turned out to be very positive. It just shows how easy it is to fix issues and alway put customer service first.



WOW!!!!!! That is real honorable of you. …& SunshineDragons. …………. Thank you so much, I'd be glad to take you up on your offer, I would love to do business with you in the future.

I really appreciate the efforts you've made to help correct this situation. ………..

Thank you once again for bring closure to this situation,

Khando Freeman
As a casual observer of this...

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Posted by: RaderRVT at Sun Dec 5 19:27:04 2004 [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ]
I think you handled the situation admirably. Lucy is a beautiful dragon and you are working with you client to correct the problem to both parties' satisfaction.

By the way, I went to your website and you have some really beautiful breeders.

I guess I’m speechless, one as you included us in the actual e-mail and two that you bring a sense of freshness and quality into the industry. It’s truly better with you here.
Warm Regards,

Dear Bruce,
Thanks for your thoughts for families on the holidays. That is ever so true. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. I was promised that your money would be to you by Christmas Eve. I hope that you have gotten it and was able to get it cashed this time. If there is any problem, please let me know. Both of us are enjoying Blade so much. He is very interesting to watch. He loves strawberries, but we have to be careful not to put too many on his greens because he picks them out first! He is so funny! Thanks-so-much for helping to make our Christmas very special.
Donna and Matt
Hi Bruce,

Bobby adores the dragons! He couldn't have had a better birthday present. We took them to the vet and the vet said that they were both in very good condition. The vet also confirmed everything that you said with regard to their care. They are eating greens and lettuce in the morning and crickets in the evening and they have plenty of water available. Both dragons are really comfortable with Bobby. They don't scramble away when he goes to pick one of them up. They rest very gently in his hands...It is quite a match. We will continue to follow your care guidelines and call you as additional questions arise (which I'm sure will be many).

Thank you...we are so grateful.



---She has shed once and her 'Red' seems to be more vibrant than than before her shed. If she is any indication of what her siblings will look like..........I'd breed em again.



…..FYI. Lot’s of herper do refer and talk about Sunshine Dragons and Cages. You have done of really good job branding your companies. ….”

Reptile Magazine “

Sir or Ma'am,
Thank you for the quick response. I will check back with you this spring then. I will also spread the word about the upcoming hatchlings to my friends and the people in my wife's online Herp community. Thanks again
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