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Old 09-04-2020, 09:44 PM   #1

~Introducing a year-round Animal Delivery Service to and fro Florida and East Texas, with a particular focus on the Venomous, Large Constrictor n’ Crocodilian sector of the herpetocultural hobby!! For businesses and the private sector alike - anyone selling or trading! Animals hand-delivered by Yours Truly, to residential and commercial addresses alike! Breeders, Dealers, (General) Sellers and Customers - please read on for the many features and benefits, and my own qualifications for the task at hand!!~

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Timothy Gould, and many of You know me from vending the Hamburg and Pittsburgh (Cheswick/Harmar House) Reptile Expos, or perhaps from “mail-ordering” with me (shipping and/or receiving). You know me more by my personal name, but I am also Obscure Gems Reptiles (OGR), having blossomed some bit since 2016 with “a hell of a reputation for being straightforward and precise in your keeping practices” to quote a good friend recently, among others’ praise for my honesty, integrity, ethics, naturalistic husbandry style n’ philosophies, common sense and responsibility, detail-orientation, meticulous record-keeping and, perhaps of greatest recognition, only selling what I produce, and high-quality CBB progeny at that.

...And all year, in the midst of this COVID crap, I have instead chosen to stay positive and draw up a few expansion ideas to make OGR blossom even more!

One of these ideas owes its thanks to COVID itself for the initial inspiration which, via restricting Delta flights, has put a damper on the Venomous, Large Constrictor n’ Crocodilian sector of Our herpetocultural hobby. Delta killing my progeny on August 17th anyhow (second time in 3.5 years)—with my customer driving up to Atlanta from Kissimmee, FL—was the straw that broke the camel’s back and, therefore, was the final inspiration to put this idea into action.

And so; I present to You a well-thought out panacea to this adversity: a Large Constrictor Animal Delivery Service (!!), venomous and crocodilians included, but with FedEx’s delays and losses as well, this service may appeal to sellers/customers of nonvenomous and other herps, arachnids and other inverts, and even fish if properly packed and smaller, quieter birds, and will thus be accommodated.

Features & Benefits (to be updated as I think of more):

• Bi-weekly itineraries with Florida the first two (2) destinations and East Texas every third; see Tentative Dates & Itineraries for 2020 below with numerous details.
• Delivery to and fro, and everywhere in-between; id est, not just shipments from Pennsylvania to Florida and East Texas and everywhere in-between, but shipments to Pennsylvania and everywhere in-between as well.
• NO limit on number of shipments! Keep’em comin’, the more the merrier, and multiple birds with one stone so to speak!
• Animals (shipments), whether mine and/or other Sellers’, will be hand-delivered directly to You by Yours Truly.
• (Others’) Shipments will be inspected by Yours Truly for proper n’ safe containment, and the animals’ well-being n’ comfort will be ensured.
• You will have direct communication with Yours Truly, the handler of Your animals, for any questions, concerns or simply updates en route - a gregariously responsive and easy-to-work-with fellow if I do say so myself.
• Versatility and flexibility in ALL respects, exempli gratia, changing course from, say, Your residence to Your place of employment should something come up. Nota Bene: This may push back successive shipments a little, but I can wait around or adapt accordingly for these successive shipments - again, I am easy to work with, versatile and flexible, and I expect a little of the same out of everyone.
• OGR being my day-job, this new idea will have utmost attention and dedication with a lot of time to make it effective and implement improvements to ensure customer satisfaction, with suggestions and professional constructive criticism strongly encouraged and cordially welcomed.
• ...All of this peace of mind for a competitive $75 per shipment = right on par with Delta currently!! And even when Delta resumes flights everywhere for $79.69, I will maintain $75. (Either the Customer can pay directly, or through the Seller.)

My qualifications for the task at hand, for Your own assessment and further peace of mind:

• I have kept serpents for 29 years.
• I have bred serpents for 24 years.
• I have kept venomous for 20 years.
• I have bred venomous for 04 years.
• I have kept large constrictors for 16 years.
• I have kept various other herps and arachnids for >20 years, and fish my entire life including marine.
• I have held four (4) jobs in the (exotic) animal and/or fish industry since August 2004, with great experience in shipping and receiving.
• I have held seven (7) jobs over the road (OTR) with >400,000 miles under my belt and NO accidents.
• I have a very reliable, well-maintained and climate-controlled vehicle.
• I have worked in-and-out of the automotive industry for >14 years, my father consistently for 47 years, availing me knowledge n’ experience in basic mechanical repairs.

Tentative Dates & Itineraries for 2020 (subject to change with notice to both the Seller and Customer if already booked; otherwise, I strongly encourage You to keep tabs on this ad which will be regularly updated, and/or simply inquire):

• 8 September 2020 (Florida)
• 22 September 2020 (Florida)
• 6 October 2020 (Texas)
• 20 October 2020 (Florida)
• 3 November 2020 (Florida)
• 17 November 2020 (Texas)
• 1 December 2020 (Florida)
• 15 December 2020 (Florida)
• 29 December 2020 (Texas)

Nota Bene: Florida itineraries include the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia and eastern Alabama. Texas itineraries include western Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and possibly south(east)ern Oklahoma. Where applicable, I will require a copy of the Customer’s state permit.

Nota Bene: Should Texas reach the minimum number of shipments (10) before Florida reaches its minimum of five (5) as We approach a Florida date, or vice versa, I will swap weeks. This is an example of ‘subject to change’.

Nota Bene: Shipments between Florida and Texas themselves are being considered, but I am not undertaking these just yet, as this would keep me away from tending to my own collection a little too long for comfort. During December 1 and February 13 when most of my collection is down for the Winter, this shouldn’t be a problem, but until I find someone to tend to it in-season, this is the only period I am planning to undertake Florida-Texas exchanges at the moment, and there may be a surcharge for doing so. Even when I find someone, I will NOT undertake these exchanges between February 14 and August 31, which encompasses most of my species’ breeding, egg-laying, hatching/dropping and neonate-rearing.

Nota Bene: Itineraries will run Tuesday thru Saturday, thru Friday if Hamburg is that week. Exempli gratia; Hamburg is on December 5, so the (Florida) itinerary for that week will run December 1-4.


• Sellers (businesses and the private sector alike): You will coordinate and book shipments with me, just as You would with Delta and FedEx, NOT Your Customers, and We will arrange for when and where to rendezvous for me to acquire the shipment(s) going out.
• ...however; the Customer can make payment directly to me, or thru the Seller, paid in advance either way.
• To ensure I don’t drown while maintaining a competitive $75 flat delivery fee, I require a minimum of five (5) total shipments between ALL Sellers for a Florida itinerary to take off, and 10 total shipments between ALL Sellers for a Texas itinerary to take off, whether to and/or fro, paid in advance. Exempli gratia; if two (2) Sellers each send one (1) shipment down south, and three (3) Sellers each send one (1) shipment back up north = five (5) total shipments, this will qualify and make a Florida itinerary a go! Nota Bene: If, say, September 8th doesn’t receive five (5) total shipments, they will be pushed to September 22.
• Sellers: I will need a copy of any applicable Customer permit required by their state. You or the Customer can send it my way.
• Customers: Upon You receiving animals in the same condition as they were handed to me by the Seller, with photos/videos taken by Yours Truly as evidence, You will sign off on a release form exculpating me from any unseen/underlying disease or parasite which may reveal itself in Time. Please read the first Disclaimer below.


• I will NOT be held responsible for any preexisting condition of animals which would be the Seller’s responsibility to rectify beforehand or at least apprise the Customer of, such as mites/ticks, emaciation, dehydration, nose rub, et cetera, and photos/videos will be taken upon me receiving animals and upon me delivering them as evidence that they were delivered in the same condition as they were handed to me by the Seller! Hot Shot will be placed throughout my vehicle, but I canNOT guarantee against transmittal of mites, ticks or other pests! As well, I canNOT guarantee any underlying diseases will not cross-contaminate! Furthermore; should mortality occur in the future with animals delivered in the same condition they were received, I will NOT be held responsible, as the culprit could have stemmed from the Seller or prior source, or perhaps the Customer’s mal-husbandry and/or lack of knowledge/experience would be culpable. I am just a carrier, NO different than Delta or FedEx; however, upon initial inspection, should animals be apparent in subpar health or have visible external parasites (exempli gratia, mites), I will NOT take n’ deliver them!
• Should something out of the ordinary delay my itinerary, exempli gratia, a minor accident NOT my fault or even just hitting a deer or other animal, or adverse weather, I will NOT be held accountable for such delays, and the itinerary will carry on! I am versatile and flexible, and I expect a little out of You, too, as well as patience and understanding. If the entire itinerary is canceled/reverted due to a major accident or what have You, I will refund all shipping costs.


Thank You for reading! If You are intrigued and as positive n’ optimistic as I am at the prospect of Our hobby having its own carrier company where operations are smooth, thorough, professional and conducted by someone with a preceding good reputation whom is very experienced in the fields of interest, yet able to communicate directly with Yours Truly and have a gregarious, nonchalant and even personable relationship with, then PLEASE spread this word like wildfire!! We won’t know this idea’s potential success unless We get enough support (id est, clients) to launch it.

Some logistics still need to be panned out, but after discussing it with a few close, intelligent, analytical and realistic people in the hobby, I have received much confidence and encouragement that the basics and most important parts are more than covered.

Future Goals:

• Hire a few people, enabling weekly itineraries and even simultaneous Florida and Texas itineraries, further enabling easier n’ quicker exchanges between the two states and everywhere in-between via meeting halfway.
• Purchase 1-3 cargo vans, enabling more and bigger shipments per itinerary, professionally designed with the OGR logo and company information.
• Expand westward (exempli gratia, Midwest, Southwest) with these extra bodies and cargo vans, enabling service to a greater clientele.
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Old 09-05-2020, 01:35 PM   #2
A great concern basically about burying myself was brought to my attention this morning. Using arithmetic, allow me to explain why I require a minimum number of shipments per itinerary, using East Texas in this example, and Houston as a central point.

To make one (1) delivery to Houston (or to pick up in Houston and bring back to PA), I would need to charge $228 just to break even on gas, nothing made to cover wear n’ tear or make any profit, and thus, this service would never take off let alone a chance to crumble LOL. See here:

Round-trip to Houston = 2,820 miles, divided by an average of 32 mpg = 88 gallons, times Western PA’s average fuel rate of $2.59/gal = $228.

However; requiring a minimum of 10 shipments to and/or fro Houston at $75/shipment = $750, and thus, a ≈$500 “profit” is made. See how this works? 😉 Of course; We must deduct motels, food and, eventually, wear n’ tear, among other unforeseen expenses, hence “profit”, which—after all of this overhead—may only prove to be $200-$300, but every great business starts small, right? 😉

...And of course; since I offer to deliver to other states on my itineraries, going ‘off track’ so to speak, mileage/gas will increase, but I have accounted for this, and thus, accumulated delivery fees should exceed mileage/fuel, hence requesting to pile on the deliveries to and fro Houston (and to/fro Kissimmee as the central point for Florida, but I will go to The Everglades). The more the merrier, hitting multiple birds with one stone so to speak.

Suffice it to say; I will deliver only so far off of the major highways, id est within reason, and since many of You would normally travel to pick up from Delta, I think You can meet part or a little of the way. My ad will be amended later to reflect this as another Stipulation, and perhaps I will reword my offer (in the intro) of delivering to residential addresses as being conditional, id est within reason and to see the respective Stipulation for more detail.

See? Some logistics still need worked out, and having that fellow email me was great for allowing me to ‘work’ on thoughts and utter them, to bounce off of him. So please - let me know Your thoughts, ideas, concerns and suggestions, for I really want to help this sector of the hobby in these adverse times!
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