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Veterinarian Practice & General Health Issues Anything to do with veterinarians, health issues, pathogens, hygiene, or sanitation.

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Old 10-25-2014, 05:26 PM   #1
snake mites

this year I have been cursed with snake mites. I had an explosion of mites in one stack of cages as soon as the weather got warm. it traveled to another stack but after some time I had it well in control, or so I thought. I would treat the cages and snakes as one should all would be good then month or two later I would find a few or have a bunch of mites on another snake. I was losing my sanity.

yesterday one of my breeder mice was looking bad and he in fact died this morning and was infested with mites so were the other mice in the group. they are not white mice but fancy and most are dark colors. I had no ideal snake mites could thrive on mice like this. I had never though to treat or even check the mice. has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I really really hate snake mites.
Old 10-28-2014, 01:52 PM   #2
I'm no expert on mites but from what i have researched.. rodent mites will not go for reptiles, but they will kill your rodents in time..
I would think that you are dealing with two diferent types of mites.

not that uncomon to see rodents whiped out by mites..many feeder breeders lose entire collections and need to cull them all

what are you using for the reptiles and rodents as a remedy to eradicate the mites ???

for the reptiles, in over 10 years of keeping reptiles, i only had mites once come in from a well known breeder !!!! even if his 3 snakes were the only ones with hem , i treated my entire collection to make 100% sure to never see them again..

for the snakes i found that the absolute best treatment was the
NIX shampoo in the 2oz bottles 1% active ingredients, diluted in 4 litters of distilled water.. safe for reptiles and works like a charm, lots of info out there regarding this..
using this exact product is important, it comes in a package with 2 bottles from any pharmacy..don't use the solution with 3% active ingredients that can be foud.. there's a video of some poor girl who tried to treat her small snake and she poisoned it... forums went balistic with the use of NIX
this girl used the 3% solution in 1L of water the dosage was way out there and the poor snake became tatergic and died

another good option is pro vent a mite..this is stronger then NIX but what many don't know is that it uses the exact same active ingredients as NIX but double the dose, witch is why animals need to not be exposed and cages need to be vented out before re introduced.. verry effective product but cost more and more complicated to use..
something elese many don't know is that it's the same product as black knight bug spray that was use in airliners to make sure bed bugs didn't hitch a ride..

invermectine from the vet can also be used as a spray on, but not as effective, it loses it's potency once mixed. (i forget what rate) but something like 50% after 24h and then again each day so after a few days you're just spraying water ??

it can be injected but needs to be dosed vary carefully..since overdose is leathal, product was designed for pigs and horses and said to be safe on reptiles but only dosed carfully..

invermectine could be used on your rodents but the way it works , is the mites die after biting the host..

NIX could also work very well for rats..

for both, you need to empty all cages , rid of all bedding, clean extremly well, spray everything, everywhere and repeat twice more with 1 week in between to be safe..
normally, the first treatment will rid them all, you just want to be extra sure to get every single one of them.
this method will even kill the eggs, by spraying all around the room, any wondering mite that walks oner a treated area will die shorthly after.

for your rodent room, what some are using are the no pest strips.
these are extremely potent, you only need a small square of it wraped up in foil paper with holes and hang it in the room, the smell will kill every bug in the room.. Must ware gloves to handle it.
I know of some who swear by this even in the snake room!!! but I wouldn't use it in reptile rooms long term.. I never used it myself since NIX did the job
but for rodents... this would work quite well
using this with snakes, you must proceed with caution.. some asian snakes and baby snakes of different species can die from exposure.. research before using with herps

sorry for the long read hope some of this info helps you.. I may have missed a few things, was trying to cram as much as possible in the message..

best of luck

Old 11-17-2014, 03:29 AM   #3
I use reptile spray natural chemistry for snakes and sprayway good night water based aerosol for cages. In Philadelphia there is a bed bug problem and this is used for that. has same active ingredient as PAM. I got the mites under control I think, I picked them up from my rodent breeder the Bins the mice come in could be sitting in some guys reptile room for months days weeks before it is returned. I killed off all my mice treated all the cages and will start again in few months. I don't really use harsh stuff for the basement just store bought stuff but its a loosing battle to spray basement. I live by the delaware river and we get lots of bugs in basement. I treat every month. I thank you for the info and I have used nix the first time I saw mites and it worked very well and very fast. I have no wooden cages all plastic and I have told many people with wood cages that mites can lay eggs in small cracks deep inside the wood. I had mites a very long time ago 1998 or 99 and only had 5 snakes so was easy to treat. now with 65 or so its a pita and very time consuming, very stressful on me and the snakes.
Old 11-17-2014, 06:31 AM   #4
We had 2 wild caught ball pythons in our collection that wouldnt eat, go figure. One started to but other nothing. We were told by the outfit we got them from to use bark mulch or something close to that. So we bought 2 bags at the next reptile show, hooked her cage up & forgot about her for about a month only filling her water up. Then i saw a mite on one of my albinos that ways a cage or 2 away from the wc. My head started to spin cause i couldnt figure out where they where comming from i decided to pull her bin out just to see how she was & was shocked. Crazy infestation. We had these 2 girls for a yr already so both were quaranteened & treated for ticks & mights prior. I believe the distributor we got the bedding from has them in his product. Only answer i can come up with. Needless to say that provent a mite destroyed them. Stuff is quite potent so be careful but it kills everything it touches. Read directions well before using, but works great. Never had mites on mice tho. Good luck.
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Old 07-01-2016, 08:07 AM   #5
Well, I believe exterminating mites and teaks is very difficult. After using some home remedies they might leave our house for some time, but did not go completely. My neighbour was also facing the same proble3m as chrisis697, they hired the pest controllers from Exterminator Harrison NY. The persons from the company treated the mites and removed them from their house completely.

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