For Sale $1400 White Tufted Beautiful Female Marmoset Monkey


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Aug 6, 2014
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San Remo, New York
Re-homing Bella a 18 week old adorable female Marmoset because i do not have the time she needs, She loves to sit on your shoulder and go anywhere you go and not jump off, Shes also happy to play with yur hand or ruff house with small dogs as long as the dogs gentle for instance a small Yorkie or chihuahua

She was parent raised for 4 weeks and from there on she was bottle raised and weaned buy myself. I never bothered with Diapers because marmosets are too fragile to be handled twice a day, IMO it actually just stresses them out, but everyone's different but shes too old to start that now, A Harness on the other hand she used to wear all the time and with some bonding, treats and time can be put on her. She loves to come to you for treats like marshmallows and grapes. She is on a good mixed daily fruit with some veggie's diet with Vitamins. She lives outdoors half the year and indoors once late fall comes around. She will make a great mother if you have a male to breed and pair up with her or a great pet monkey, Either way for a great price ( I paid $2500 when she was young)

Were located 1 hour from NYC, Pickup is more then welcome although i may consider shipping, Contact [email protected]

The zoo style breeder cage in the photos are for sale once she finds a home, I know 3 are really nice and 2 are so/so.

Email with a phone number attached, Serious buyers only. Thanks

$1400 for Marmoset with no cage, If you need a big cage like she is housed in, I will sell you her cage.





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