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Feb 3, 2002
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I am trying to figure out the banner advertising package that I had installed along with this message board package that the developer recommended to me. It will be taking the place of the FaunaAds site I was using in the old system. Benefit is that this will all be handled internally here on this site instead of a remote site needing it's own login system. It is a VERY powerful system! On the downside, it has a very steep learning curve that I am struggling to climb. But the FaunaAds system has to go away. I am now paying for two servers, and the old server is really only being kept around to run that FaunaAds site for advertising. Which is nowhere near being cost effective.

I don't know how many people are going to be interested in the advertising here. But I think if I can figure out how to use it, perhaps it will be quite beneficial for the people who want to avail themselves of this advertising avenue. Just bear with me, please. You are probably going to have questions that I just cannot answer. The really only way I have to learn this ad manager system is by trying things and just see what happens as a result.

I just want to remind everyone that advertising is what is paying the bills here. I have offered everyone free advertising for their animals and merchandise. But i still have bills to pay in order to offer this service. If you want to keep this site available, then if you have advertising plans, you might want to consider supporting this site so it is still around for you to use. I think I am still operating in the black, but when the bottom line goes into the red, then I have no choice but to pull the plug on the site and let it die. I only have my retirement income now. I cannot afford to have this drag me down just so you all can have a place to advertise your animals.
Is there anything that can be done to help with the new ad banner on the right hand side for mobile users? It pops up on every page, and nothing can be selected in the background without closing the ad on every single page that you click on. I understand the need for the ad, but it is a bit tedious to close it on every single page, and if you click on the ad it takes you a different page that says something to the tune of “oops, an error has occurred.”
Which ad are you referring to?
Which ad are you referring to?

Which ad are you referring to?
The “6000 people visit this site EVERY DAY” ad. I used desktop yesterday and it’s much smaller and does not prohibit you from using the rest of the webpage on desktop as it does on mobile. I tried to upload a photo of it on the screen, but the file was too large. But on mobile it takes up probably 25-33% of the screen and won’t let you do anything until you close the ad.

Even the adblocking on Firefox Focus doesn't remove it. If I hit the 'x' to close it, it sends me to this page:


It cannot be removed from the page, and is on every page, and obscures a bunch of the page. It is pretty bad.
FWIW I never saw it. Running Chrome with UBlock Origin.