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Feb 3, 2002
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I have alternated between shutting down this forum completely and just swinging the doors open wide and let the chips fall where they may. One reason I feel I really can't shut it down and delete the threads is because there are actually some threads in the HELL forum that started out in the BOI, and therefore I kind of feel obligated to keep them around, regardless of the unpleasant turn to the worse that the discussions took. But on the other hand, making this completely open to the public, web spiders and all, just is not something I really want to do.

So I struck what I think is a reasonable compromise. Instead of the $10 fee I used to have to gain access, I have made it free, but a member must EXPLICITLY take the steps necessary to access the HELL forum. So this is strictly voluntary, and anyone joining in this forum does so with the understanding that this is not for everyone, and specifically may not be for YOU. So I really don't want to hear any complaints at all about what goes on in HELL, and your participation is at your own risk.

If you SHOULD gain access and decide it is NOT for you, then you can also opt out of that access and no longer be tempted to go in there unless you go through the steps again to access the forum.

So are we straight on this?

Very well, here are the steps to gain entrance to the HELL forum..

  • At the top of the screen in the darker green colored menu bar, to the far left is a clickable link that says "User CP". You need to click on that link.

  • This will take you to a page with a menu displayed. The item you are interested in, is towards the bottom where is says "Group Memberships".

  • Click on that link to bring up the next display, which shows you all (at this time only one exists) of the member groups that you can join. Of course, the one you are interested in says "Demons":

  • In the column to the right of the display (Join Group), there is a clickable link you need to click on to SPECIFICALLY choose to enter the HELL Forum.
  • Once you do that, you are then presented with a screen that shows you all of the membergroups you are signed up for with the option to LEAVE the HELL forum if you decide to do so in the future:

  • That's it! You are now a member of the Hell forum and should be able to read the content within the threads, as well as post there.

    Now that we have that out of the way, what is that forum REALLY for?

    It's intent is to give everyone a place where they can really let their hair down and let loose with topics that you may not feel real comfortable posting in other more public areas of a message board site. Photos are OK as long as they are tasteful and not going too overboard. Adult language is acceptable, but again, let's not get too carried away. Moderation will be probably non existent except in extreme cases.
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