Philippine sailfin dragon keepers out there?


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May 14, 2019
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Hello all.
I am currently working on building up a group of Philippine sailfin dragons (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) and am looking to network and connect with other keepers who are working with the species with the intent to breed, or those who may simply have pets that contain genetic value.

Unfortunately, this specific species of sailfin is not imported unlike the other four species of the genus. So the gene pool is forever shrinking as it seems few people produce them on a frequent basis, and fewer keep track of lineage to avoid future (and likely soon to be...) detrimental effects of inbreeding.

I have spent the past five years talking to people who have records of their stock.
I have a well documented ID system of Scott Corning and John Steele's breeding stock (regarding founding animals and prodigy).
However, there are other lineages that are lacking in my books that I would like to know more of (Stock from breeders such as Ty Park, Switzer, BION, GX3, Anthony Sainz, and potential zoo overstock animals that have made their way into the private sector).

If anyone has knowledge on the genetics of their animals, who produced them (even the individual characteristics of the parents/parent animal whereabouts) I would greatly appreciate it.

If there are breeders possessing animals of non Steele or Corning lineage.
I would be very interested in collaborating with you on future projects to ensure planned out crossings can occur so thus species can stick around in the industry as others have.

Feel free to reply to this thread, PM me on Fauna, or you can email me at [email protected]

Any help and information is appreciated.
Figured I'd reply to this thread for anyone viewing or wanting updates.
Got the first clutch of "duds" this year from a female that was produced by Dragon Attack in 2019.

Hoping by next year to get her going with some nice fertile eggs!
(These were dug up on March 23rd, 2024)


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