FaunaClassifieds Privacy Protection Policy

Information Collection
FaunaClassifieds.com collects personally identifiable information when you register for an account!

When you register an account, we ask for your logon ID name, real full name, email address, location, and any other information YOU choose to provide in your profile. Some of this information is REQUIRED in order to use this site, and becomes publicly viewable once your account is created. You can choose to not provide this information, but in such a case, your participation in this site will not be accepted and your registration rejected. ALL new registrations are audited for compliance with these requirements. Your logon session as well as everytime you logon and post on the site has your IP address recorded and stored. Once you sign in to our web site, you are no longer anonymous to us.

On occasion, it may be necessary for the administration of this site to send you a notice via email or private message. This will only be done when absolutely necessary, and in no cases will advertising of any sort be allowed via this method.

Disclosure of Information
FaunaClassifieds will never sell, rent, or make otherwise available to any commercial email harvesting entity your personally identifiable information beyond what is available to any registered member. Exceptions to this will be in the case of when a registered member appears to be registered on the site using false or misleading identifying information, and it becomes necessary and prudent to try to positively identify them to the public in order to try to prevent scams or otherwise unethical and/or illegal use of this website. Associations inferred using IP addresses, similar email addresses, locations, emails, private messages, or any other such information will be fair game in this pursuit.

We do disclose via publicly displayable webpages available to anyone on the internet the information you have voluntarily provided within the messages you post on the forums. This is considered an opt-in process. By posting a message it is considered that you agree to publicly disclose this information. The storage, use, and eventual disposition of such posts, as well as private message content, are implicity understood to be at the sole discretion of the management of the FaunaClassifieds website.

We use cookies to store information, for your convenience or to help us control advertising.

We do not give access to these cookies to anyone else, for any reason.