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  • Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the response. Yeah Hogs have their own little personalities. They can be really nice and easy to hold once they warm up which is pretty quick but they do have tendency to hiss when trying to pick them up even if they are used to you...lol

    My buddy in Morongo by palms springs has some really amazing rosies of different locality as well as kings he should be selling in the near future. I gave him your contact info :) He is a great guy. Name is Rob.

    Have a great week!
    Hi there,

    I saw your post on Jay Sommers Hognose post and wondered if you were still interested in a normal Hognose snake? I'm in San Diego close to Julian. I have one I'm getting ready to sell and figured I'd contact you first. I got her from Jay actually. I bought two hogs from him and really only need one. This little girl is a normal looking western hognose but she is het for snow. I saw you were looking for one around $125 I could sell you mine for $140.00 delievered to Julian. If your interested I can send pics of her. She is eating pinkies and would be a good starting out Hognose.
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