**The Count To 1 Million!!!!**

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Let's see who will post the lucky 1 millionth number!! :dgrin:

I'll be back in a couple years with the champaign (if this thread doesn't cause Fauna to crash :eek:)

Oh yea, almost forgot.................

Lol good one held! "are you on a commission?" lol..:rofl: I wish!! It's about 2 am here, and I just got bored and Said "hmmm, let's do a count to 1million thread!" lol

And yea Nicholas, I'll bring the wings and fries, and maybe a keg or 2!:dgrin:

Haha, I'm sure we will!
Well nick, I'll send you a keg in a few years when you get the millionth post lol

Now what happens if we get two people posting at the same time? What happens if someone who is posting is numerically challenged and just posts the incorrect number?

We call up Harald and he'll handle it :dgrin:. This is going to be a longgggggggg trip, so we can't afford to waste any time with bumps in the road...Harald will make sure things go smoothly :thumbsup:

Hey, how about stiving for the one million count in paid contributing members instead? :duck01: :rofl:

BTW, you DO realize that this entire site has just barely logged one million posts since it's inception, don't you? This is post number 1,031,103 right here. Of course, the stats don't really reflect that, as deleted posts will decrement that counter in the active statistics log.
true guys true, but let's try to keep the numbers in order! :)

This is the 15th post, so...

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