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Please note that this is a READ ONLY forum. It is only displayed for historical purposes as it is the original BOI I set up in April of 2001.

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Tim Rainwater - SERIOUS INQUIRY PLEASE REPLY!!Tracy Willis215:18:28 10/05/2001
Anyone heard or seen Robert StoneJesse JJ's reptiles.INC012:04:52 10/05/2001
MISTAKE PLEASE READ>Brian Rogers111:20:44 10/05/2001
AgSelect.com A++++ for rodent watering systemsDwight Good106:50:18 10/05/2001
Roberta From Indiana. (SUPER WOMAN)Justin @ Red River Reptiles108:37:22 10/05/2001
Inquiry about "Glades Herp" ....Happy Herps415:32:20 10/05/2001
Kathy Love(INQ)R.W. Brennan812:09:12 10/05/2001
Timm Beeman (INQ)Dave, East TN Reptiles015:29:32 10/04/2001
Steve Barringer (good Guy)Curt Skouby222:36:06 10/04/2001
Jude Fitch MyLadyDragon "Excellent" Joel holloman014:17:33 10/04/2001
PYTHONHNTR82@aol Good Guy????Ken Hilton114:00:07 10/04/2001
Jeff Lakes, anyone know him?Greg Riso008:38:26 10/04/2001
Kenny Gall Rainforest Rarities(Missing guy-INFO)R.W. Brennan811:28:08 10/05/2001
Shawn @ Sunbaked Serpents (Very Good Guy)R.W. Brennan418:03:03 10/04/2001
Paul McIntosh...Great GuyIra Leventhal023:43:54 10/03/2001
Larry @ Desert Reptiles......Extremely Great Guy!!Ira Leventhal120:33:06 10/04/2001
Matt Salyer -- Good Guy.Brett Bender217:49:36 10/05/2001
Ric Morlaes-Great GuyMike Blackston114:05:01 10/04/2001
Wes Harris (The Snake Hut) Wonderful guy!!!!!!!!!Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles014:11:48 10/03/2001
Anyone ever deal with Tara Shay @ Buckeyeherps???Michael Gearino022:25:21 10/02/2001
Bill Parks...Excellent Fellow...Excellent Animals!Peter Watson201:39:12 10/03/2001
Thomas Davis- T &S GREAT GUY!!!!Anthony Chodan019:46:48 10/02/2001
Marcial Mendez (marcialmendez@hotmail.com)Mike Keck.119:42:57 10/02/2001
Steve Gordon (s33g@aol.com)Mike Keck.120:06:50 10/02/2001
Zoological Imports..................good/bad?David Fredericks315:38:00 10/03/2001
Shawn** Sunbaked Serpents they are the best!!!!!Micah Gummel400:28:15 10/04/2001
Anyone know Babyslither@aolShawn * Sunbaked Serpents*2509:49:28 10/05/2001
New York WormsJodi Carlson418:27:54 10/03/2001
**INQUIRY** Maryland HerpersTony Basica's Weirdsnakes010:39:42 10/02/2001
Quality Rainbow Boas ( Chris Fabulous Guy )Rennie Thomas000:10:13 10/02/2001
STARLA McDANIEL I apologizeJoel Holloman103:01:02 10/02/2001
WHO AGREES THE WEBMASTER IS A GREAT GUY? Brian Rogers2214:19:54 10/04/2001
Andy Zembal from A-n-R Reptiles... GREAT GUY!!Keith Rockafellow004:22:41 10/01/2001
Tim Madsen followup A+!!Josh Marich023:53:51 09/30/2001
Tribal Reptiles Co (Inquiry)Shaun Genghis322:23:57 10/01/2001
Kevin & Charlotte of Ectothermics (GREAT)Jay A. Martin906:29:27 10/02/2001
John Staursky please contact meMike Hass Heartland Herps017:05:47 09/30/2001
Anyone know Mike Schultz? HELP PLEASE!Paul Snyder016:09:05 09/30/2001
Eric Crider...escreptile@aol.com......GOOD GUY!!!!Paul Mitzelfelt101:19:13 10/01/2001
LLL reptile (Great People!)salvador cruz400:16:31 10/03/2001
Matthew Smith of Dominion ReptilesGreg Riso420:23:00 09/30/2001
More praise for Rich Ihle and Jeff RonneBrett Turley001:15:14 09/30/2001
Diamond Reptiles Breeders (Mitch Great Guy)Chris Pearson213:52:06 10/01/2001
Has ne here ever ordered from Alberta-Gecko.com?Jordy Matrix019:03:53 09/29/2001
Jason Douglas *MITES* & D.O.A.'sMichael Mastison111:40:44 09/30/2001
PAUL MILLER....BAD GUY!...........Feedback welcomedave mcgowen6205:15:00 10/03/2001
Tom Hill TC Serpents GOOD GUY!cindy kuhn107:02:10 09/30/2001
Update/Marcus HowellJackie Lapradd122:22:59 10/01/2001
Jamin Squadrito... good guy... Keith Rockafellow020:46:33 09/28/2001
brian sheets (a true class act!)steve barringer016:44:35 09/28/2001
Wormman.com Bad guy follow upscott cook2806:35:56 10/05/2001
Russ Lockenwitz (good guy)allen214:51:26 09/28/2001
Canopy Creations/ Gerald or Jerry Detwiler- BAD!Jeff Houston1206:45:23 10/05/2001
Starla McDaniel You decide bad or good.....Joel Holloman203:04:09 10/02/2001
Teresa Caudie (dream Lizzard) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!Ricks Reptiles121:31:07 09/30/2001
Charlie Palmer and Teresa Caudle- Great People!!Mike Taylor009:58:21 09/28/2001
Inquiry Jeffrey Kline in Ca(Herp World Usa) exist?MikeB023:41:16 09/27/2001
WindSweptwolf@aol.com(Shawn)Still looking for him!Jude Fitch014:59:46 09/27/2001
Jon's Jungle ***Inquiry***Michelle Martinez418:41:11 09/28/2001
Platinum Reptiles in California InquirySteve112:50:24 09/28/2001
Matt@Lizards of Oz AWESOME!!~~~Frances Gilbert011:37:58 09/27/2001
Inquiry on Herpexpress@aol.comRobert Hill010:28:08 09/27/2001
**INQUIRY** John RobertsTony Basica's Weirdsnakes008:14:03 09/27/2001
Jerry TubbsDon Graves2800:45:25 10/03/2001
Anyone know anything about Legal AddictionsRuss Lockenwitz209:01:14 09/27/2001
Soliciting OpinionsSteve Emerick Napa Valley Snakes514:40:17 10/01/2001
Ted Cook II, Unreliable person to deal withleslie016:14:50 09/26/2001
Jude Fitch - Good GuyScott Nuce015:30:43 09/26/2001
Brian Oakley Deal Conclusion (Good)John Staursky022:37:33 09/25/2001
Troy @ SCREAMDREAMS (Great Guy!)John Staursky022:27:29 09/25/2001
Annie Lancaster (turtlestuff.com) ???????????Ryan Cocchiara201:43:43 09/27/2001
Scott CushnirJoel Holloman119:32:21 09/25/2001
Matt Butler (good guy)LP Nguyen012:28:49 09/25/2001
Clint Boyer and Frank Pinello (Good Guys)....Jeffrey Yohe011:36:51 09/25/2001
Matt Salyer (Good Guy)Jeff (HerpHunters.com)014:59:35 09/24/2001
Melinie Lemay - A++Clifford Miller011:53:31 09/24/2001
Frank Flanigan-Captive Bred Herps *BAD-PLEASE READGarrick DeMeyer522:55:16 09/25/2001
Starla McDaniel (starr@gilanet.com ) Inquiry**Anthony Chodan022:14:48 09/23/2001
inquiry about "Ely robnmatt@aol.com"kyle daly020:15:11 09/23/2001
Rick Cunningham and Herp Hobby Shop - A+ ratingsSteve Emerick Napa Valley Snakes019:18:11 09/23/2001
John Congdon......inquiry......good/bad?nmM n R-Reptiles018:26:05 09/23/2001
The Herp Hobby Shop Does it Again! (GOOD STUFF)David Leech018:25:24 09/23/2001
need info on JULIAN or MARCO GONZALEZ plz READTheVipersHouse203:22:06 09/28/2001
Any one else have trouble with Mark Hart?????Chris Thompson606:43:41 10/02/2001
Roberta Byrd ..GREAT GALFrank Roberts821:52:58 09/27/2001
Eddie from Dream Constrictors...bad deal/guyKeith Rockafellow819:42:53 10/01/2001
Neil - The Snake PitM n R-Reptiles1112:35:59 09/27/2001
Coldblooded NoveltiesJoel Holloman115:40:01 09/27/2001
steve raymond @ rare reptiles A+michael ibanez012:43:59 09/21/2001
thereptiledungeon@hotmail.com (Rafael Mendoza)Mickey Cook000:12:09 09/21/2001
ScreamdreamsJames Northam021:39:31 09/20/2001
John StaurskyGlenn Bartley613:40:42 09/22/2001
Larry at Desert Reptiles ..... AWESOME ANIMALS!!Neil Gubitz-The Snake Pit-Tampa Bay, FL 018:59:44 09/20/2001
Scott Wright Excellent herps and Excellent serviceJoel Holloman111:37:56 09/25/2001
Estillian ReptilesArnie Thompson016:01:13 09/20/2001
**INQUIRY** Troy HoggTony Basica015:11:14 09/20/2001
Where is Tom Melrose?Claudia Guimaraes210:21:19 09/20/2001
James/ Lonestar Dragons / Good GuyMatt Ozsvath (Lizards of Oz)118:58:36 09/21/2001
Please Read- Tragedy at Ricks Reptiles!James @ Lone Star Reptiles/Dragons202:10:52 09/22/2001
Diamond Reptile Breeders (Inquiry)Chet423:40:25 09/21/2001
(inquiry) Lizards of Oz, VMS Herps....Frances Gilbert520:43:07 09/19/2001
John Domke GREAT GUY!!Kerry Young122:52:28 09/19/2001
Garrick DeMeyer GREAT GUY!!!C & D Retiles213:41:22 10/01/2001
Inquiry: Top Shelf ReptilesBrian Conley119:15:54 09/19/2001
The Cassels (weslither@cfl.rr.com) "A+ Rating" Steve Emerick Napa Valley Snakes020:44:09 09/18/2001
Eric Glenn and Sharlene Fabiano (bad buisness)Jason Swe!gart...Classic Dum's2209:44:17 09/24/2001
RNR Propigation, Looking for info.Jeff219:27:44 09/18/2001
John Hughs (LIAR): Attention Patrick HughetPat DelTurco616:10:33 09/23/2001
Walt Sabin *Great Guy*John Staursky205:19:09 09/29/2001
freshpow20@hotmail.com>Kenneth Barnett009:54:30 09/18/2001
Fluker's Farms frozen mice...inquiry...moreTodd Moodie300:50:34 10/03/2001
Inquiry: Mike Shiver mmotleys@aol.com Glenn706:48:05 09/25/2001
LUKE DEISZ (lukeslizards) I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!Neil Gubitz-The Snake Pit-Tampa Bay, FL017:18:16 09/17/2001
blackbox89@msn.com (nicholas petrillose)~ InquiryJude Fitch014:41:12 09/17/2001
Bearded Dragons and other Creatures (Inquiry)Kat Hall219:53:33 09/17/2001
John Staursky Great Guy KennethHilton 712:04:12 09/20/2001
PROBREEDERSASSN@aol.comKenneth Barnett120:05:57 09/24/2001
Inquiry on The Snake Hut (Wes Harris) : )Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles217:35:56 09/22/2001
Ryan @ Walters World Amazeing Guy Flawless AnimalsJustin @ Red River Reptiles022:41:04 09/16/2001
inquiry on scalesntails72@aol.com or ken????joe fleenor212:07:51 09/17/2001
Inquiry on Tarheel exotics, Bob Coonce and Bill >>Frances Gilbert313:59:57 09/20/2001
Glenn Hildebrand-Odessa, TX.-InquiryKen Casstevens123:54:35 09/16/2001
Neil Gubitz (Tampa's Snake Pit) (Wonderful Guy)Ivan Alfonso019:24:14 09/15/2001
Serpenco (Rich Z) Excellent Guy!Nate Ellis509:03:59 09/19/2001
Ric @ R&J Reptiles Good GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shawn Skillings / THEVipersHouse202:09:34 09/17/2001
Marcus Howell bad guy?Jackie Lapradd1114:54:12 09/15/2001
Cliff Miller - GOOD GUY!Melinie Lemay020:39:16 09/14/2001
LLLreptile BAD BAD BAD GUYSRYAN THOMPSON3219:19:45 10/03/2001
Reptile Depot(Good Guy or Bad Guy)Soh wai ming212:21:57 09/14/2001
Good experience with Jeremy RennisonMark and Amy Gould121:55:43 09/14/2001
Frank FastTony023:51:16 09/13/2001
RICHARD WILSONjerry tresser318:59:08 09/23/2001
Reptile Exotics=Vics HerpsDragon Palace312:03:20 09/17/2001
RK REPTILES?? INQUIRY??Tim321:36:40 09/24/2001
Thereptiledugeon@hotmail.com InquiryMickey Cook107:39:24 09/13/2001
M n R-Reptiles(GOOD OR BAD?)David Fredericks317:50:16 10/02/2001
Uroplatus.com(Good guys or bad guys)Frank Williams121:13:59 09/12/2001
Inquiry-Mark LamielleJohn Martino123:37:15 09/17/2001
Dwight Good- Great GuyTom Hill / T.C. Serpents211:40:44 09/13/2001
bill@pythonhunter.comloren winters011:48:27 09/11/2001
Inquiry about ZOOAMERICARoss008:21:22 09/11/2001
{ Shawn Skillings--The Vipers House--TOP NOTCH }Damion Wyatt --- D&B Reptiles202:08:12 09/17/2001
www.reptilecity.com InquiryMichelle Martinez222:44:05 09/26/2001
Douglas Beard, Flora Fauna (Bad Guy)Nate Ellis719:05:36 09/12/2001
Shawn/WindSwept Wolf@aol.com-Vanished w/o a Trace!Jude {MiLadyDragonn}114:14:54 09/11/2001
The Reptile Connection - WORSE THAN BAD!!Tracy Willis115:05:52 09/13/2001
inquire on jerry tubbsjeremy rennison1301:02:19 10/03/2001
INQUIRY=KELLY JAMES OR KNREPS@WEBTV.NETjoe fleenor115:55:52 10/01/2001
Glenn & Nancy Polanco......Great People!!Brett Turley120:55:08 09/09/2001
inquiry, mark & amy amyvt76@juno.comTim Madsen617:24:34 09/16/2001
JRS lizards aka Jason Shanaman great guy tate@mega dragons013:03:34 09/09/2001
big red dragons good guytate@megadragons012:59:33 09/09/2001
LLL Reptile Good Beardies or What ?Sue Glessman616:54:42 09/16/2001
Garrick Demeyer (Good Guy) www.crestedgecko.comJoshua220:24:33 09/11/2001
Jeremy Rennison: A Pretty Good GuyMatt Poker714:32:03 09/09/2001
Excellent - alex@boarepublic.comMarshall Petty020:45:39 09/07/2001
WORMMAN.COM (Bad Guy)scott cook3319:29:31 10/03/2001
*Crazy Fools Reptiles/Chad Hulker(Great guy)Justin Knaup019:54:26 09/07/2001
Blackfangreptiles (Daniel Turner) Great guyMark Jonson119:27:11 09/07/2001
Alex Berierra - Boa Republic - UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit - Tampa, FL304:37:28 09/09/2001
Inquiry - Michael Thorn in Tampa???Barry100:04:54 09/08/2001
Jeff Musial of Nick City Reptiles?Roger111:34:45 09/14/2001
inquiry on AppleJohn Apple814:11:05 09/10/2001
LLLReptile GREAT GUYSDebbie Turner009:37:06 09/07/2001
Inquiry-GHI reptilesJohnMartino219:29:59 09/07/2001
Tom Hill, John Staursky, R.I.P. Reptiles-ALL GOOD!Andrew Anders203:26:56 09/08/2001
Inquiry: Craig WyattMike Combs323:25:28 09/06/2001
Looking for quality distributor of Bernhard's ..Frank Williams 105:02:26 09/07/2001
Jay at Exotic Jungle - Great GuyDale Ward018:43:21 09/06/2001
Bradford Cole Herp INQUIRY? Good or Bad? Chad Robbins113:18:18 09/09/2001
Bill- python hunter, good or badloren winters113:34:39 09/10/2001
Dealings with Local herp: in Scottsdale, AZCharles Pierce3714:03:36 09/08/2001
Underground Reptiles Good or bad?Joel Holloman012:08:58 09/06/2001
David Livingston-Pure Breed Boids-Good or Bad??Michael Gearino507:39:29 09/13/2001
IT'S ALIVE Amphibians- InquiryErin W.114:17:07 09/06/2001
My two cents on ProExoticsAllen Beneli1019:27:09 09/09/2001
brian conely inquirydews300:16:10 09/11/2001
Update on Snake Pit ProductionsBrandon Weik Summit Reptiles120:57:51 09/06/2001
Brian Oakley (Good Guy)John Staursky612:54:08 09/06/2001
Fred TribbetMike Milkie312:50:02 09/06/2001
Richard Camp/Carnnisaur@aol (Very good guy!)Nikki Timmermans020:00:36 09/05/2001
rich goldzunglarry williams100:13:31 09/08/2001
Tim Madsen - Southhampton Reptiles is great!!Josh Marich013:55:06 09/05/2001
Jeff Musial Nick City Reptiles *** InquiryRobert Holveck003:35:21 09/05/2001
Paul McIntosh...Good or bad?Ira Leventhal205:44:29 09/06/2001
Tom Chiang----Good GuyChris Moon018:23:06 09/04/2001
(Inquiry)DON HAMPERJustin Knaup903:22:26 09/05/2001
bad guy ! richard camp..a.k.a carnnisaur@aol......thomas davis T&S REPTILE FARM2203:20:10 09/11/2001
Jeff Clark (great Guy)robin day108:34:00 09/04/2001
Ted Ceplina-bad guytodd wuest000:02:39 09/04/2001
Greg Conner: GOOD GUYKassi Page019:48:06 09/03/2001
Paul Miller...BAD GUY! Paul Mitzelfelt4802:00:04 09/17/2001
~Inquiry~ Shawn/WindSweptWolf@aol.comJude Fitch {MiladyDragonn}019:22:48 09/03/2001
Mike at Dragon's Herp....good guy!!Sal Thomas015:46:06 09/03/2001
Andrew Federico (Inquirey)Dave,East TN Reptiles116:19:05 09/03/2001
INQUIRY ON CRAIG WYATT joe fleenor213:28:02 09/03/2001
Inquiry on Charlie Dubiee from NJMike011:08:30 09/03/2001
Rip-Off Artist - Jessica Nau (Alias?)Mike Greathouse201:55:09 09/04/2001
Tim Reichard/www.reptilesforsale.comTom Hill/T.C. Serpents209:42:14 09/03/2001
Damion Wyatt in Tx AAA+++ great guyshawn skillings -TheVipersHouse202:10:34 09/17/2001
Neil from SnakePit > have you seen that Bolivian! BigJim 101:15:16 09/03/2001
inquiry on mejeremy rennison209:59:46 09/06/2001
Inquiry -- Albinos Unlimited Inc. : )Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles114:32:43 09/06/2001
Jason Wilson, gogert_28@hotmail.com InquiryJack Dias015:24:12 09/02/2001
Regal Reptiles (good guys)kirill vilinskiy318:01:45 09/10/2001
vics herps (vicsherps1@aol.com) BAD GUYkirill vilinskiy219:41:18 09/02/2001
The snake Pit Neil Gubitz Good or Bad?Joel Holloman714:41:01 09/09/2001
info on James MulfordTerri Langley112:27:55 09/03/2001
rowdy763patrick murphy517:54:56 09/10/2001
Darren Hamill, Hamill Reptiles, Canada (great guy)Larry P.123:46:42 09/01/2001
zebo777@yahoo.com (REMY) GOOD GUYEXCLUSIEVLY EXOTICS122:35:02 09/01/2001
Amy and Mark Gould - Excellent Animals and ServiceSteve Emerick - Napa Valley Snakes016:36:04 09/01/2001
Update: Emiliano GarciaCarl Gossett008:20:30 09/01/2001
Aaron Kossins (Good Guy)Jim Schmock110:56:38 09/02/2001
Turtle Town/Shawn Learmont(good guy)Justin Knaup023:33:11 08/31/2001
brian sheets (inquiry)steve barringer316:16:36 09/04/2001
EXTREMELY Important survey !!! Salmonella !!!moreTony Basica4719:30:08 09/07/2001
Rick's Reptiles Good GuyJoel Holloman216:53:40 09/07/2001
Lonie and Kari Zitler, (from CA) anyone know them?Jeff Houston014:16:56 08/31/2001
L.V. SnakeFarm- Andy & Sheri Great PeopleTom Hill- T.C. Serpents220:52:29 09/13/2001
Amazon Reptile Center - BAD GUYS!Reverend Christian J Hedemark II1412:11:23 10/02/2001
Jon KlarsfeldRick214:12:15 09/04/2001
Potentially bad deal....need opinionsJeff Craven112:48:32 08/31/2001
Humane Society, Potentially VERY VERY BAD!Kara Peterson011:38:26 08/31/2001
chris hunter: excellent dealer!nathan callaway011:06:13 08/31/2001
Beechdale Rodents (good or bad?)Jeff Craven010:20:19 08/31/2001
Anyone dealt with Boz's Reptiles ?chad109:58:22 09/01/2001
INQUIRY on Joe Boucher / Ikirbic ReptilesJoe Johnson300:05:57 09/01/2001
inquiry on Jack Sadovnikbruceskipper317:41:25 08/31/2001
(Inquiry)Razor Reptilesdiana mason110:27:00 08/31/2001
To: ALL HOT KEEPERS AND DEALERS!!!Patrick Hughett @ North Texas Reptiles2100:09:46 10/03/2001
Crazy Fools Reptiles/Chad Hulker (inquiry)Justin Knaup322:24:46 09/02/2001
Bob Fisher @hanover herps is a great guytate@mega dragons117:27:38 08/31/2001
Steve Brown of Maryland, Inquiry...?Ryan Spahr311:52:53 09/01/2001
Steve RaymondJohn Woo405:07:55 09/01/2001
Has anyone heard of Desert Reptiles?Joel holloman409:40:40 09/03/2001
SouthHampton HerpsJosh Marich515:28:37 08/30/2001
Mark Finch - Good GuyNicole021:26:40 08/29/2001
Marc at reptile blvd.Aaron Kosins618:33:30 08/30/2001
Update on my situationAaron Kosins214:31:45 09/03/2001
Kringles Rescue- Bigtime Bad GuyTom Hill-T.C. Serpents2915:06:30 09/04/2001
anyone delt with Joe Lyons (snakepit productions)?Dan212:32:56 08/30/2001
Don Soderberg - SMR (good)Kat Hall302:49:20 08/30/2001
Emiliano Garcia (egvibora@yahoo.com)Carl Gossett319:06:04 09/24/2001
Internet Fraud- Big ProblemTom Hill014:40:03 08/29/2001
Need your imput in thisCarlos Lahitte312:41:57 08/31/2001
info on JOEY WRIGHT or phone# or address!!!!!!!!!!joe fleenor1420:47:00 09/05/2001
Inquiry about zooamericaRoss Buskard008:05:17 08/29/2001
Marksherps@aol.com (good guy)Jody Pieper (aka jungle shadows)301:28:18 08/31/2001
Jeff Gee inquiry?michael Ibanez413:37:15 09/08/2001
Exotic Jungle (Jay) TOP QUALITY REPTILES!!!!Benjamin Lainey122:25:59 08/28/2001
Snake Pit Productions **INQUIRY**Brandon Weik515:25:29 08/29/2001
Rick @ Ricks Reptiles...... GREAT GUY !!!!!!!!Chad @ C & D Reptiles122:21:24 08/28/2001
"JAY" Exotic Reptiles-- good guyDonM008:20:28 08/28/2001
Boas Ark (Inquiry)Dave, East TN Reptiles414:50:33 09/01/2001
Questionable Shipping Star4dogs@aol.com beardedsscott cook1022:01:45 08/31/2001
Bob Lawhorn - Great GuyDavid - Double "D" Reptiles020:25:39 08/27/2001
Jonathan McMillan( wagler01@aol.com) *Inquiry*Anthony Chodan201:47:23 08/28/2001
Ben Rogers - Great Guy!Aimee Brown012:23:43 08/27/2001
Brett Mazimann@Hypo Tangerine Dreams... Good GuyGary Bryant122:01:02 08/27/2001
Jerry Tubbs-Good GuyJessica Sommers1618:31:07 09/05/2001
Any Possible recourse?Kat Hall409:21:39 08/29/2001
"Texoma Reptiles" of Oklahoma (INQUIRY)???Mike Pinkston212:00:22 08/28/2001
DOUBLE "D" REPTILES INQUIRYscott cook520:17:58 08/27/2001
Snake Keeper-The SutherlandsRick419:43:26 10/03/2001
Jesse Underhill great guyKeith Moore223:30:05 08/27/2001
Scott Bowers-------You make the call........Bob Fisher @ Hanover Herps521:32:51 09/03/2001
Chris MoonDevin309:48:45 08/30/2001
Fred tribett info neededBrian Rogers821:15:39 08/26/2001
daniel turner is a good honest personjeff 612:26:33 08/28/2001
Jeff Dewberry Great Guy!Daniel Turner012:00:04 08/25/2001
What should I do? Please help!Aaron Kosins918:04:35 08/29/2001
Ken HiltonArnie Thompson322:14:27 08/25/2001
Ryan Spahr, Tim Frazier and Joe Dembinski(great) Jason Sweigart...Classic Dum's211:39:54 08/26/2001
Ritchie Luna (good guy)Jody Pieper (aka jungle shadows)014:47:29 08/24/2001
Jeff Dewberry GOOD OR BAD? Please let me know ASAPDaniel Turner008:35:08 08/24/2001
Anyone know about "Precision cages"?dave mcgowen407:42:36 08/25/2001
SYDNEY ALCORN [GOOD GIRL]John Apple819:18:21 08/27/2001
Be careful of this person wanting HOTs...Patrick Hughett @ North Texas Reptiles1507:22:22 08/25/2001
Howard Dal Monte AZ, ( inquirey) Anyone?Dave, East TN Reptiles002:57:56 08/24/2001
The real story!!!Mitch Brynes/Diamond Reptile Breeders619:46:19 09/07/2001
The Reptile Center, Long Reach RI (inquiry)Tim Bowles120:38:12 08/23/2001
Anybody know Michael from kingsnake.com?Brett Turley017:37:13 08/23/2001
Inquiry of Allen, email:allen.lloyd@funb.comKevin Hugh112:08:48 08/24/2001
Delima!!! Please help and give your opinions!!Brandon Osborne2520:52:54 08/26/2001
Jew Dewberry Good or Bad?Daniel Turner015:36:43 08/23/2001
Mark and Kim Bell ** Highly recommended**Steve Emerick - Napa Valley Snakes321:51:08 08/23/2001
Andrew Potts a true advocate in this business Chris Thompson1419:20:16 08/27/2001
Good to do business with Diana MasonChris Thompson619:24:16 08/27/2001
Any info on amazinganimalsny@aol.com good or badJoel Holloman022:02:06 08/22/2001
Andrew Gritt Arnie Thompson319:26:22 08/27/2001
Isis ReptilesCarl Gossett415:29:23 08/23/2001
Dave Prada - Komodo - GREAT GUYAnthony @ GRADE A Reptiles221:24:57 08/22/2001
Zooological Imports 2000 inc. (long)Jason Thurber622:02:08 08/25/2001
daves pets GREAT GUY!tim stockton114:59:56 09/06/2001
Jerry Tubbs...great experienceKen Casstevens819:30:37 08/27/2001
Herpauction.com (Inquiry)chad bisbing1118:30:12 09/23/2001
a poor "near" customerrandall Turner412:54:19 08/23/2001
Arnie Thompson(Good Guy)diana mason809:05:29 08/29/2001
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Manager/supervisor at Reptile Depot--inquiry/HELPLoren Pennebaker120:17:31 08/21/2001
Anyone did any dealing with Paul GS SieglerV.J Harelson218:46:38 08/25/2001
RUPPCO@ASAPNET.NET INQUIRYscott cook312:07:43 08/23/2001
Bob Guerierre..VERY GOOD GUY>>>Paul Snyder416:49:46 08/28/2001
Kerby - Lonesome Valley Reptiles (inquiry)Chris Moon412:31:21 08/22/2001
Shanlyn Williams--Good GuyChris Moon119:17:52 08/23/2001
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Kevin Dunne (Dragon's Den) Great GuyCorey Sawyer309:48:16 08/26/2001
The "A" List!Paul Snyder011:35:24 08/20/2001
Brian Baker****GOOD GUY****Julie Ann003:16:50 08/20/2001
Rainbow Mealworms,,,,,,,Good Guys!Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles100:00:23 08/30/2001
anyone ever done biz with Tom Mcdonnelljoe fleenor122:35:42 08/19/2001
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JORDAN RUSSELL ****$$$) GOOD GUY ($$$****Steve Brockschmidt516:57:49 08/22/2001
Jeff Nemanious,J&B's Reptiles 1st Class act!!!Robert005:09:29 08/19/2001
Good People I've dealt withMichael Tashman316:20:26 08/20/2001
Chris wright??? anyone know him??? Joey Wright000:18:06 08/19/2001
BAD! Jeff Littrell(San Diego,CA)please read...BAD!Jonathan Ho1122:59:03 08/23/2001
V.J. Harelson is a good guyCindy Senjanovich020:38:55 08/18/2001
Shannon Brown...CLASS ACT!!Brian Oakley107:58:07 08/24/2001
Michael MastisonMickey Cook1314:32:48 08/21/2001
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Gecko Lizards (Inquiry)Pam Stotts115:16:22 08/20/2001
Jay Eaton @ Exotic Jungle...Bad Business Ethics...Patrick Hughett @ North Texas Reptiles4922:24:42 09/18/2001
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Tim Mcbride, a few questions for all.Matt Butler922:11:45 08/19/2001
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opinions on maximum reptiles Melissa Newkirk112:27:07 08/17/2001
forgot a good guy... Brett Bender from ChicagoKeith "Rock" Rockafellow220:54:55 08/22/2001
Good guys I have dealt with...Keith "Rock" Rockafellow022:04:16 08/16/2001
TheReptileCenter.com....Good GuysRobert Remendowski123:28:36 08/20/2001
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Chino Prehistoric Pets need feedback ASAP pleaseAllen Beneli714:57:23 09/01/2001
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I need some feedback on Prehistoric Pets pleaseAllen823:23:51 08/16/2001
LI Reptiles/John Heiser: GOOD GUY! =)Tig020:09:23 08/15/2001
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Anyone heard of ' Don Lowner' and Zoobotanica ?Jo Clark002:14:15 08/15/2001
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Quality Rainbow Boas Great Service & Great SnakesJudy Walters000:31:20 08/12/2001
Neil Gubitz..Good Guy..good service..nice animals!Rick Steward / Ricks Reptiles000:07:36 08/12/2001
When a deal goes sour....Rich Zuchowski4011:36:11 09/23/2001
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rods radical reptiles?.....Contact Info?Lee Ardern:- www,leeardern.co.uk008:02:06 08/11/2001
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arnie thompson (cnar1@yahoo.com) BAD!!joey smith1811:23:24 08/14/2001
Omar GuerreroArnie Thompson221:30:13 08/17/2001
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Exotic Jungle (Jay) TOP OF THE LINEBenjamin Lainey011:10:47 08/10/2001
Chris Moon (Good Guy)Matt Hughes023:32:32 08/09/2001
Neil Gubitz-Snake Pit* BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BADSuzanne Lamont1505:29:24 09/23/2001
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Good Herp Stores in Southern California?Shawn Olson315:12:00 08/09/2001
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BOA'S ARK (Nick Gancarz) - AMAZING! READ THIS!Neil Gubitz - The Snake Pit022:42:10 08/07/2001
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Radical Reptiles in Anaheim, CA-Great PlaceMary Newlander018:33:08 08/07/2001
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Las Vegas Snake Farm- Andy and Sheri- great peopleTom Hill- T.C. Serpents118:05:23 08/07/2001
atomic lizard ranch-- great service super people !derek mick022:40:29 08/05/2001
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carrier theft??? anyone ever had this problem?ROBERTA BYRD2608:27:53 08/25/2001
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Regis Opferman... Good guyRon Radloff122:13:33 07/31/2001
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PREHISTORIC PETSArt2818:09:30 08/07/2001
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Bill Gillingham in Lodi (G.V.S.) Very Cool Guy!Rebeccah Cook216:16:17 08/04/2001
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Below post- I meant Jeremy(Herps01@aol.com) n/pBryan Rupert107:12:04 07/29/2001
Jeremy@herp01.aol. Is this Jeremy Rennison?Bryan Rupert2512:07:35 08/06/2001
K & N Reptiles (AlbinoGecko.com) Good guys.......Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles117:08:40 08/11/2001
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Nicole E. /K&N Reptiles: Great gal =)Tig013:31:43 07/28/2001
Corey Sawyer/Superior Reptiles: Great guy! =)Tig217:09:42 08/11/2001
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IS Bill Galloway a good breeder??anyone know??R.J. Clawson019:55:04 07/27/2001
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Luke Deisz (Lukeslizards@hotmail.com) Very Bad!!!Bro. Jeff Edington323:20:22 07/30/2001
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devan croasmun ( insaneclownchick ) no goodjim scharphorn423:59:14 08/13/2001
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THE SNAKE PIT,Neil Gubitz. very very pushy and Jay Johnson3823:45:45 08/04/2001
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amazon reptile center.. great guysMichael Ibanez121:49:44 07/18/2001
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Gilbert Keaton a bad customer.Randall L Turner Jr522:11:41 07/20/2001
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Justin Morse- maybe a bad guy.jeff pfeifer217:48:35 07/19/2001
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JACK DYER high quality animals, good guySteven Brockschmidt101:51:16 07/15/2001
JORDAN RUSSELL one more time, GREAT GUY!!Steven Brockschmidt101:53:48 07/15/2001
Jude Fitch (TheWavingDragon@aol.com)Good Girl!Gina Gauvin020:06:03 07/13/2001
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Joe Dembinski -- Good guySam718:59:49 07/18/2001
Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc....??Steve Himes211:16:58 07/11/2001
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jeremy Rennison ....again and againjeff schofield921:46:19 07/11/2001
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More Fuel For The FIRE!!Mercer, Don Mercer4014:07:47 07/10/2001
Jason Ebanks--JASSTE3@aol.com(BAD GUY)!!!Mike Gearino115:14:56 07/09/2001
Taron Langhover uroplatus@uroplatuset Bad Buyer Corey Sawyer1013:52:05 07/28/2001
if in tulsa ok, dont buy from pic-a-pet (dead ballkyle hutchison114:14:01 07/08/2001
Reptile Resort (bad news)Christine Thompson012:43:34 07/07/2001
ALL THINGS REPTILIAN, ( Jeff Litterell) BAD GUY!!!Shawn Olson618:34:02 07/26/2001
I am sorry about everything, please read everyonejeremy rennison2614:25:53 07/12/2001
Terry Nihiser (Great Guy)Chris Kelly009:20:25 07/06/2001
should i get my money back EVERYONE READ PLEASE!!!Mike Wright1713:16:27 07/10/2001
Paul McIntosh (Might still be a Bad Guy)Sandy Brosam103:16:03 07/06/2001
public apologysteve barringer800:17:47 07/21/2001
the truth shall set you freesteve barringer1416:21:40 07/06/2001
Jeremy Rennison (GOOD GUY)Joe Phillips600:34:30 07/13/2001
bad guy Donald Rollinsmartin spit015:50:09 07/05/2001
Greg Conner-InquiryKen Casstevens014:48:35 07/05/2001
For our HobbyCarlos Lahitte111:46:20 07/05/2001
Hardcore HerpsBrian Taylor115:36:54 07/06/2001
Lone Star DragonsBrian Taylor218:21:00 08/01/2001
Need Info...Mail Fraud vs Hoosier ReptilesVinny Ferraiolo022:15:47 07/04/2001
Superior Reptiles - Corey Sawyer (Inquiry)John Redwood305:40:54 07/05/2001
Mxracer info pleaseJoe Phillips513:48:35 07/06/2001
Mxracer1600@aol.com.......n.p(inqury)William Courtney104:04:21 07/12/2001
United States Postal Service (INQUIRY)Mark Berger2409:41:20 07/14/2001
Jeff Draesel Jr......GOOD GUYRitchie Luna122:22:00 08/30/2001
Jerry TubbsJerry Tubbs1720:33:14 07/16/2001
INQUIRY--Cornelsworld TerrariumsDes Harmon009:15:10 07/04/2001
I am Carlos F. not the same Carlos wth Don Mercer Carlos Fernandez007:22:46 07/04/2001
Jesse Underhill (awesomeboas) BAD GUY!!! BAD GUYEric Russell215:56:29 07/05/2001
ROYAL VARIATIONSFrank Ball923:11:19 08/06/2001
Don Mercer (Very bad guy)Carlos10500:10:59 07/02/2001
Douglas R. Matuszak....Not Good Guy but....Robert Remendowski022:38:39 07/01/2001
Mike and Jackies Captive Born ReptilesBrian Schultz120:53:23 07/11/2001
daygecko.com:Greg Christenson (Inquiry)Jen Niece117:16:32 07/01/2001
Looking for a bearded dragon dealer in OhioTony Wu219:14:04 07/01/2001
Gina G. VERY GOOD GAL!Totaka Dragons014:13:41 06/30/2001
East Tenn Reptiles = Great GuyBrian Schultz122:13:38 07/18/2001
Charlie Salmon (Good Guy)Shannon Hammond123:42:24 06/29/2001
Joey Wright from Kentucky *BAD GUY VERY BAD*Tony Basica2508:35:32 08/26/2001
jeff cieslakj "INQUIRY"Brian Kurtz414:30:38 08/14/2001
Matt Hanlon-WS Reptiles-Super bad guy!!! Ken Casstevens313:39:11 07/28/2001
Tom Hill (GREAT GUY)cindy kuhn118:26:21 08/29/2001
Brian Schultz...........Excellent!Dave,East TN Reptiles113:07:30 07/01/2001
Charles Pierce "Uninformed"John Staursky210:18:10 06/30/2001
Jeff Hardwick (inquiry)Carlos415:58:59 07/04/2001
Timothy KelseyJeremy Rennison107:34:19 07/01/2001
Beware of Bill NineslingBill Simmons015:28:08 06/28/2001
Craig Culotta (Good Guy!!!)Lynn Rowell123:49:30 06/29/2001
Circle City Serpents- (Joel Ebarb) (INQUIREY)Dave Derrick202:25:28 06/29/2001
damion balcom (sad individual)steve barringer111:03:11 06/27/2001
Bill Galloway (Good Guy)Diana Mason018:16:40 06/26/2001
Previous post regarding Groom's CricketsMarcia McGuiness - The Lizard Lady1916:27:18 07/01/2001
A sticky dilemma - need advice from the groupWebmaster6812:45:55 07/01/2001
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Zootek (Inquiry)Barry117:10:52 06/25/2001
Tim Frazier (inquiry) Jonathan Ho (www.sfgeckos.com)411:55:59 07/10/2001
bob clark great guy!!john northrup508:09:04 06/25/2001
mark lamielle infoterri langley117:47:58 06/21/2001
VnR Reptiles (good, Bad)???? n/pGeorge mumford101:14:40 06/25/2001
Tribal Propagation= Very good guysKristin Kraczek210:23:32 07/08/2001
Robert Blome (sulcata's) Good or Bad ????Mickey (TLK)122:42:58 06/19/2001
Robert Stone......Another Very Good GuyDavid & Tammy Hewitt118:58:56 06/19/2001
Joe Fleenor- rowdy763@chartertn.net- (GOOD GUY)Nicole Gustafson109:46:18 06/17/2001
Rob -- dach@voicenet.com ****inquiry***** Andrea A.501:56:33 06/18/2001
Gina Gauvin.....Very Good GalDavid & Tammy Hewitt108:47:16 06/19/2001
Andrew Federico ...Very Good GuyDavid & Tammy Hewitt315:59:31 10/02/2001
Anyone done buisness with Rio Bravo Reptiles?Donnie Smith, Morti from redtailboa.net208:41:44 07/06/2001
Scott at LLL Reptiles...GREAT GUYLucy Howard500:57:41 07/17/2001
Tim Mcbride> selling animals on Kingsnake? moreSande Ellis423:30:18 07/03/2001
Groom's Crickets - Mysterious coincidence?Marcia McGuiness - The Lizard Lady2114:46:30 09/08/2001
Ben Siegel Reptiles (great guys!)Tig Means222:22:30 10/03/2001
Strictly Reptilestrish martin307:16:24 06/18/2001
John Quinones...Very Good GuyDavid & Tammy Hewitt112:38:33 07/31/2001
Shipping (question)Aaron H404:12:31 07/18/2001
Hoosier Reptiles (BAD GUYS)Vincent Ferraiolo419:20:09 07/04/2001
Jeff Houston - Orange, CA (Good Guy)Bill "Shiprapid" Neuman117:07:42 06/15/2001
Shawn Gray (Scandt ) Good guyCarlos Lahitte117:24:01 10/02/2001
INQUIRY Souther Reptiles (Pets 4 you )Carlos Lahitte115:17:57 06/15/2001
Inquiry: Exotic Reptiles JungleMark Simmons220:25:57 06/17/2001
Inquiry---"Precision Caging"Ben Rodriguez315:47:25 08/16/2001
Shawn's Reptiles// GOOD GUY VERY VERY GOOD GUY!Josh Everman023:11:09 06/14/2001
Anthony @ Grade A Reptiles - Good GuyLee Freshour023:05:16 06/14/2001
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Has anyone had experience with Tribal Propagation?Kristin Kraczek123:21:31 06/15/2001
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*James* is a GREAT GUY Jeff Dewberry114:25:53 06/19/2001
jeremy moore [excellent guy]ken whaley006:06:55 06/14/2001
MATT / m3jsie@qwest.net (VERY GREAT GUY)Ian dungan001:57:30 06/14/2001
Horny Toad Herpetological good / badTina Jackson123:25:37 06/14/2001
Has anyone ever done business with Xtreame ReptileRandy Bevis712:26:28 06/18/2001
Inquiry on CANOPY CREATIONSRitchie Luna511:47:46 06/22/2001
CVExotics (Scott)....Good Guy....Robert Remendowski019:59:14 06/13/2001
Need info on North Texas Reptiles (INQUIRY) ????CHRIS500:05:52 06/22/2001
info on Las Vegas Snake Farm...Eric Macuski520:37:41 07/16/2001
MillenniumMorphs/Tribbett?????????????????????????Jace Bodine819:33:15 07/03/2001
Eric Burkett.....Very Good Guy....................David Schmidt015:59:58 06/13/2001
NEVER EVER USE UPS TO SHIP ANIMALS...EVERMickey(TLK)1819:40:54 09/03/2001
Bearded and Veiled Reptiles[Good People]Scott Williams209:20:31 08/15/2001
Todd McMahon (BAD)Jeremy Rennison121:04:08 06/17/2001
Jeff DothBarry Cox100:01:00 07/23/2001
Need info and inquiry...HILLBILLY HERPS....Eric Macuski418:16:48 06/14/2001
Pat Kline---snared99@aol.com---(Great guy)Michael B.015:28:29 06/12/2001
Pure Breed Boids (INQUIRY)Donna Smith215:41:23 06/12/2001
Apology to Scott GelsominoJeff Miller014:39:43 06/12/2001
victor eizer VnR Reptiles (very bad)Ryan Cocchiara115:06:39 06/12/2001
Inquiry Pet Domain, FL.Ruth L. Smith109:34:12 06/13/2001
Am I being scammed by the customers?Mickey Hinkle317:17:03 06/13/2001
Gary Davis at The Snake Den is great Kevin O'Daniel210:10:21 06/12/2001
Garrick DeMeyerAaron H215:01:41 06/14/2001
Fred tribbet & Kerry BennetArnie Thompson407:57:28 06/14/2001
Glen@KellypetsDavid & Tammy Hewitt123:05:42 06/15/2001
Impending problem - NOTICE!!Webmaster1500:42:03 06/17/2001
HISS (Stephen & Kelli Hammack) VERY GOOD GUYSMichelle Bowers123:39:13 06/11/2001
Ian Dungan at PlanetHerp.com, Good/Bad?Billy Naylor318:50:56 06/19/2001
Tony BedellAdam Hutyler 002:06:26 06/11/2001
Scott williamsadam416:34:43 06/11/2001
Jerry Conway - Good or Bad Jason Thurber412:11:50 06/12/2001
DON MERCER(UNHONEST GUY)Jomar Quiroga1022:41:52 07/07/2001
Bob EMa1689812@aol.com -rubber boas- GREAT GUYLucy Howard122:49:52 07/11/2001
Russ Anderson formerly of Clearwater Fl,Cliff Lindberg011:17:19 06/10/2001
Reptilesforsale.com(Tim Reichard) GOOD GUY!!!Jason...Classic Dum's210:37:00 06/10/2001
Monkeyfrog.com Matt (GOOD GUY) (INFO)Brad Gardella009:16:26 06/10/2001
Paul Miller (ft. meyers, fl)steve barringer322:32:00 06/19/2001
Dave, EAST TN REPTILES (VERY, VERY GOOD GUY)Anthony Bags014:41:31 06/09/2001
Ben Siegil - Good GuyCorey Sawyer304:56:50 06/12/2001
Inq on Nick(Inlandrep@***.com)in Washington stateMatt Jablonski313:01:08 07/26/2001
bruce nelson(GOOD GUY)Felix Fung000:05:46 06/09/2001
Mile High Reptiles (Bad)Joe Dembinski521:45:03 06/22/2001
Big Cheese Rodent Factory (inquiry)Mike Heinrich210:31:08 06/11/2001
www.reptileshack.com(SUPER BAD GUYS)Felix Fung817:31:28 06/13/2001
**gary bryant** SUPER GOOD AND NICE GUYFelix Fung022:33:05 06/08/2001
Did this ever hapen to you?Tony Bedell1009:46:21 06/10/2001
Has anyone heard of Richard Richly? good or bad?Aaron Stemm421:46:52 06/10/2001
Tim Mcbride Rip Off? moresande ellis102:47:43 06/09/2001
Jeremy,(mxracer1600@aol.com) Ryan Morris1020:54:24 06/26/2001
Reptile Ranger (Bad guy/alright guy)Eric Macuski3423:39:26 07/24/2001
ReptileRanger GOOD GUYDaniel Turner019:37:02 06/07/2001
gila hill farms-outback exotics-inquiryJoe Smith202:25:21 08/09/2001
Dave with the spotted pythons (Great guy)Kris Diekema310:10:18 06/12/2001
Kathy Love (Good Person)Kathryn Hall223:19:18 07/07/2001
ken diehl (good guy)steve615:52:47 10/02/2001
Inquiry: Toby Hockenbury from Wa. StateVinny Ferraiolo120:41:38 06/25/2001
Info on Jeremy( has Basin Emeralds for trade)Mike Conley622:49:29 06/11/2001
Bluegrass Reptiles,KY (Inquirey) Good , Bad ?Dave Derrick2200:20:54 07/23/2001
wetlands-GOOD-GOOD GUYDavid-hall002:34:38 06/07/2001
Wormman... (Sorry for repost but here's an update)John Chan309:28:45 06/26/2001
gary schiavino inquireysteve715:54:33 10/02/2001
Seaside Reptiles ( good or bad )Tina Jackson120:48:39 06/12/2001
J and D Chameleons ( good or Bad )Tina 216:58:43 08/22/2001
Request for input about HOTMAIL email addressesWebslave2322:42:44 09/28/2001
D B Reptiles Damion Wyatt (Great Guy)Brian Jackson321:13:34 06/07/2001
read this from jerry tubbs Jerry4820:56:37 07/16/2001
JORDAN RUSSELLAdam Willich1303:33:52 06/12/2001
Gary Hardin (GREAT GUY)Jessica 815:36:57 06/07/2001
KellyPets.com (AWESOME GUYS!!!)Nicole and Blake Harris015:11:38 06/05/2001
HILLBILLY HERPS, Jim Simmons (GREAT GUY!!)Kaaren Kiefer015:01:03 06/05/2001
Marc MicletteAaron206:59:28 06/08/2001
TYLER & ANDREA JOHNSON, Gilbert, AZ (VERY BAD)Great Valley Serpentarium BillGillingham305:55:59 06/07/2001
Stephan Quinn/House Of Retics (INQUIRY)Josh Brockway218:28:36 06/05/2001
Weis Reptile ( very good guy)!!!Robert Holveck019:52:22 06/04/2001
Turtle Source Good GuyMike Lasko018:30:33 06/04/2001
All things Reptilian (San Diego) GOOD GUY!Jennifer010:01:01 06/04/2001
Claude Davis (good)steve schindler421:12:25 06/06/2001
jerry didnt' steal the snakes.brittny latil921:36:29 07/23/2001
Garrick Demeyer(GOOD GUY)Kenny312:20:46 06/06/2001
This List - buyers & sellersTom Burns513:49:24 06/05/2001
importsbruce nelson114:54:23 06/16/2001
damian balcomsteve116:46:54 06/07/2001
FBI internet fraud site? https://www.ifccfbi.gov/seps318:42:52 09/11/2001
CagesbyDesign--INQUIRYBen Rodriguez512:09:50 06/20/2001
herphunter (Greg Power) Great 2 do biz with!! A+Troy C.209:23:57 06/11/2001
John LaCorte, Great Guy...Ryan Spahr214:40:18 06/03/2001
Brandon Osborne (Good Guy)Ritchie Luna609:12:26 06/07/2001
victor eizer, VnR Reptiles (Very Bad Guy)Ryan Cocchiara123:28:40 06/02/2001
Bronx ExoticsJeff Craven209:01:25 06/06/2001
Cherrywood Dragons...SUPER GOOD GUYS!!Chrissy Gilbert017:57:49 05/31/2001
dealings with jerry tubbs Jerry Tubbs2114:21:17 10/04/2001
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Inquiry on Lafnowcril8r@aol.com---Andrew Anders321:49:06 06/10/2001
ryspahr_2000@yahoo.com (Ryan Spahr) GOOD GUYAndrew Anders120:42:26 07/26/2001
John Staursky(good or bad guy?)Jesse Garcia3211:44:09 06/07/2001
Ron Marchlewski-Custom Ball Pythons-Bad ExperienceMatt French616:43:44 06/01/2001
Herpetelogical Concepts, Inc.(Tampa FL) InquiryAl Rastoka122:58:49 05/30/2001
scott gelsomino "small world exotics"steve1613:23:59 07/31/2001
steve raymondsteve602:17:29 07/12/2001
Inquiry on David PollardMike112:06:14 05/30/2001
Tarheel Exotic Reptiles InquirySteven Lewis414:44:43 08/01/2001
Mike Ogburn???Robert Coral115:04:01 05/31/2001
William Lytle Reptilefood.com (Great Guy)Derek Card 018:10:46 05/29/2001
Bad Boaworks Bad - $5,500 for no snake!! Tim?Jayson Elliott217:11:26 06/01/2001
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inquiry...gila hills farms...Robert211:33:40 05/28/2001
Little Giant Reptiles (Scott Williams) - Good GuyRick Scharping120:44:16 05/27/2001
(Inquiry) abcherps@adamswell.com (Roberta-Indiana)Bryan Rupert1200:08:20 09/22/2001
Rare Reptiles(Steve Raymond)GoodguyDan Boltz109:52:10 05/27/2001
Inquiry on Jerry Tubbs? Sande Ellis501:27:19 06/01/2001
Rare Reptiles - Good GuysSimon Tang019:18:05 05/26/2001
Rainforest Rarities-Kenny Gall (NOT ALWAYS GOOD!!)Linda421:29:07 06/04/2001
blue grass herps/kris ......very bad guysnikki penberty3415:46:02 05/29/2001
Rare Reptiles (Steve Raymond) Good GuyJames W. Arnold010:25:01 05/25/2001
texaspighunter@yahoo.com (Mr. James) InquiryErnie Watts118:09:52 05/25/2001
Have a question??Linda310:03:04 05/25/2001
Mike Panic *Inquiry*John Staursky108:18:27 06/07/2001
KellyPets.com (Good Guys!)Bruce Adams021:12:54 05/24/2001
dave lawson......lawson reptile good/badnikki penberthy322:42:28 05/29/2001
Doug Matuszak Good Guy : )Jeff Gray 222:20:29 05/26/2001
JOHN ROBERTS(CON ARTIST??)Kenneth Hilton116:38:36 06/11/2001
inquire::::Jeremy Rennison mxracer1600@aol.com kyle daly210:02:44 06/12/2001
Marty from Illinios *very bad guy*Missy Simons109:57:09 06/24/2001
Bad Guy ****Brian Conley***** My Name is Dan Atkinson407:46:14 07/02/2001
Vandivers *Good Guys*Missy Simons308:54:26 06/06/2001
All Breeders, dealers, and buyers.(inquiry, long )Donnie Smith, Morti from redtailboa.net2802:58:06 06/09/2001
Craig Wyatt *Good Guy*John Staursky314:57:09 05/26/2001
READ THIS Jerry1523:46:19 06/05/2001
Inquiry - Central Florida Reptile FarmMark Simmons221:14:08 06/01/2001
Anthony-Grade A reptiles....Good Guy!Luke-Millennium Exotics000:41:33 05/24/2001
Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chris Jones523:03:52 05/24/2001
anyone have barrs racks? good/bad?Jonathan Ho (www.sfgeckos.com)123:38:20 05/23/2001
Dan Atkinson He's at it again!Brian Conley907:59:36 07/02/2001
Inquiry - ZootekMark Simmons216:06:37 05/24/2001
Fred Tribbit is now Maniac MorphsDouglas Beard911:55:50 06/07/2001
James Doyle II from MS (Good Guy)Chris Moeller014:47:09 05/23/2001
mail fraud?Seps317:42:34 05/24/2001
Ronald A. Blue/ GOOD GUYcyn kuhn008:01:24 05/23/2001
Ian Dungan(good Guy)Ryan Morris000:49:38 05/23/2001
Matt Hanlon- dishonest!! Everyone please readKen Castevens1216:53:32 05/30/2001
Dave at DelRio Rep. Doesnt make good business!!!!!Robert Holveck020:43:40 05/22/2001
J+D Chameleon(good or bad)Marc Saxby316:57:46 08/22/2001
Jeff Ronne... GREAT GUY!Donnie Smith, Morti from redtailboa.net313:51:42 10/02/2001
Brian Sharp!!! Inquiry and advice!!Bella Hover616:46:35 10/03/2001
ThompsonsDENMarcia Bradley1512:58:40 05/30/2001
Kameleon King (inquiry)Tony Ramey201:32:15 05/25/2001
Herp Crazy (Great Gal)Jamie & Tammy Thomas110:44:13 05/23/2001
Once Again....Doug Matuszak.....Very Good Guy.....David Schmidt021:09:50 05/21/2001
Bearded Dragons and More (vandiver) Bad GuysIra Caplinger2614:27:13 05/31/2001
Ian Dungan planetherp.com REALLY GREAT GUY!!Kaaren Kiefer123:57:48 05/21/2001
Inquiry: The Bean FarmRockn Rob Bryerton1002:41:02 06/03/2001
Rainforest Reptiles~ Inquiry~Jude Fitch {MiLadyDragonn}219:05:47 05/24/2001
Inquiry on Joe Polanco> emerald tree breeder <Sande3405:42:53 06/16/2001
Inquiry on TLC (Texas Lizard Connection)!!!Danny Tan409:28:59 05/23/2001
Inquiry by Snake SnacksRicky Musso - Snake Snacks1219:54:20 05/24/2001
RICK SMITH from CA (inquiry)Jonathan Ho (www.sfgeckos.com)021:00:02 05/19/2001
herphunter@user.kingsnake.com??TIM MCGRATH211:24:50 06/10/2001
Joe Fleenor--rowdy763@aol.com (Good Guy)Simon Fung014:16:52 05/19/2001
Dragon Farms - InquiryMike Bostic1220:13:52 05/24/2001
Jon Esposito (Quality Reptiles) Good GuyJen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles123:36:49 05/24/2001
Robert from new york is a good guyWill Slough108:12:57 05/21/2001
not geting the right animal and not shiping rightWill Slough222:41:50 05/19/2001
Jody Pieper (super guy)Shaun Keeney217:06:31 05/29/2001
Andrew Gulliford (Good Guy)Simon Fung300:38:37 05/26/2001
Good GuyShay Anne013:39:05 05/17/2001
looking for Hoosier herpsCrystal Smith118:39:42 05/23/2001
QUESTION FOR WEBMASTERAndrew Shaun Gulliford314:54:02 05/17/2001
Constrictors Unlimited:Mike Wilbanks (query)Jason P. Holland316:31:46 05/17/2001
KELLYS PETSCHARLEY RIGALI (GIRL! =;-)112:05:12 05/18/2001
black fang (good GUY)Roland lee 009:06:38 05/16/2001
Hogg Island Boa (Inquiry)Jason P. Holland113:26:23 05/18/2001
Tim from NY! tdenney676@aol.com "HORRIBLE GUY"Matt Butler1405:21:31 09/05/2001
BRETT BENDER (One of the good ones!!)TYLER LEE008:01:02 05/15/2001
Rare Reptiles Inc. Good? Bad?Ernie Watts214:59:40 05/26/2001
Todd DyerSal Thomas017:04:16 05/14/2001
Gary Schiavino(INQUIRY)Jay A. Martin621:29:03 06/14/2001
Kelly Pets (Another Good Deal!)Mike Morris508:10:23 05/16/2001
M n R-Reptiles/ albinoturtles@lycos.com TIM MCGRATH802:05:38 05/17/2001
Inquiry Jeremy MooreMike Conley712:12:03 05/19/2001
Aline ReptilesSep Barret307:38:47 05/17/2001
Larry @ Desert Reptiles (Hawthorne, NV) **INQUIRYAnthony Chodan209:58:48 05/14/2001
Corey Estill/Estillian Reptiles???????Tim McGrath522:06:39 05/16/2001
VMS Herps???Jeff Hoffman113:15:17 05/13/2001
A.R.X. REPTILES aka STEVE CARFI ----- (INQUIRY)Josh Walker119:55:54 05/13/2001
Wesley Allange (Southern Snakes) -- Bad Guy Jen Prejean @ HerpCrazy Reptiles3200:53:59 10/01/2001
INQUIRY: Brian ConleySusan Willis807:51:01 07/02/2001
INQUIRY, Precision CagesVincent Ferraiolo413:36:20 05/14/2001
Eric Russell- ericR (Inquiry)PGR405:53:35 06/16/2001
charlie birch of california {inquiry?}mark petros205:57:02 06/16/2001
Allen/Reptile Kingdom~Another Awesome Guy!~Jude Fitch {MiLadyDragonn}118:43:21 08/01/2001
TIM RAINWATER REFUNDS (INQUIRY)Trace Willis (aka Trace)223:03:20 06/28/2001
HOOSIER REPTILES (THE WORST!!)Vincent Ferraiolo108:27:25 05/11/2001
INQUIRY: Alex Barreio mike combs206:57:11 05/15/2001
OTA Animals Vinny Ferraiolo GREAT GUY!!!Jacob Johnson115:55:34 05/11/2001
Chris Jurinek (INFO)Mike & Isis Madec109:12:33 05/11/2001
MARC GEMBINSKI, Reptile Blvd Michigan GOOD GUYJerry Garcia219:02:27 05/11/2001
Jeremiah Linder 100%Scam artist(Very Bad)Chris Jones112:31:45 05/11/2001
Jimi Horton.... Inquiryshane elliott606:40:35 05/15/2001
BOA WORKS GOOD? BAD?Jimi Horton417:27:18 05/23/2001
Mike/MotherGecko~~Awesome Good Guy!!~~Jude Fitch{MiLadyDragonn}100:48:54 05/17/2001
Hoosier Reptiles (BAD GUYS)Vincent Ferraiolo019:41:35 05/10/2001
GOOD GUY- Chris CaettaLoren Pennebaker222:05:48 06/13/2001
(INQUIRY)www.exoticjungle.net Evelyn401:16:08 07/18/2001
(INQUIRY) Twin Lakes Reptiles / Zeke Sawyer?Russ Bates414:52:40 05/26/2001
Travis Stewart (VERY BAD GUY)Steve Micheal's412:56:53 05/15/2001
Tony Bedell of tbreptiles@yahoo.com (GOOD GUY)Dan Auten112:09:36 05/09/2001
GOOD LEOPARD GECKO BREEDERS! (more)Jonathan Ho (sfgeckos.com)214:58:20 05/19/2001
brandon osborne good or bad?steve barringer515:00:15 05/16/2001
DON & HAMPER!! VERY GOOD GUYS!! Danny Tan220:33:36 05/31/2001
Groom's Cricket Farms (inquiry)Marcia McGuiness - The Lizard Lady221:45:19 06/03/2001
Bronx Reptiles, Co. ???? are they okay?ericR105:11:53 05/07/2001
kelly pets(good guy!)andy anders712:31:53 05/14/2001
Jim Hopkins of hopkins holesale herps InquiryBill Rogers218:44:19 05/31/2001
Victor Ezier (VnR reptiles) VERY BAD GUYRyan Cocchiara216:43:10 05/09/2001
tribal reptile (great guy)tracy kofron014:10:20 05/05/2001
I need info on importing boasErnie Watts300:10:37 05/06/2001
Jordan Russel (GOOD GUY!)Todd Dyer121:19:55 05/13/2001
John Roberts (Very Bad Guy)Kenneth Hilton507:04:29 05/05/2001
Carl Hawk (Bad Guy)T.B.1008:25:46 08/26/2001
Nerd, Regal Reptiles, or show..(inqu/opinion)mathew510:51:08 09/23/2001
Joe Garcia (Bad Guy?)Christy Luna000:20:14 05/04/2001
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Previous post should state Mickey (TLK) My faultScott Williams013:11:37 04/12/2001
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thanks to everyone and jerry tubbs000:34:04 04/06/2001
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Opening a can of worms in my DefenseMike Conley215:07:58 03/30/2001
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Natural Selections Exotics (inquiry)Pat700:04:12 03/30/2001
Rich Ihle. Great Guy.Carlos Fernandez215:30:52 03/21/2001
tribal reptilesRichard Haley007:03:16 03/21/2001
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ridgeway brothers herps? south mountain reptiles?Sterling423:07:40 02/26/2001
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